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Publish Globally in Print, Print on Demand (POD) and eBook formats with the DPC!

Finally, there's a global publisher that can do it all – IP.

Printed books, using the latest offset and digital technology. Online books for download from our site, your site or from hundreds of our partner sites globally (think Apple, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Gardners, Wheelers, etc) . Audio books on CD / DVD or for sale by the track or album via iTunes or a myriad of internet audio sites.

The sheer number of options for getting your title out there can be dizzying. You need a publisher who knows the business, has done their homework and has already established strategic partnerships with companies who know how to give work a second or even third life in cyberspace.

The time for waiting and seeing is over. Digital publishing and distribution is a reality. Ebook readers such as the iPad, Sony, Kindle and Kobo are here to stay, and will only get better as the technology improves. The Age of the single channel book is over, too. Books need to have many lives – and extended ones – as eBooks, audio, or even as multimedia. Increasingly, all of those options are feasible – if you work with someone who knows how to get your work into those spaces.

Enter the Digital Publishing Centre (DPC). A practical point of focus for publishing work in several forms (multiversions). This is not about the Death of the Book, any more than DVDs were about the Death of the Movie Theatre. This is about giving content creators, readers and viewers CHOICE and ACCESS. Creators in Australia need no longer see themselves at the end of a dirt road, distant from the marketplace. With digital multiversioning, your work can be available in cyberspace even before it appears in physical print.

At IP, this is nothing new. We've been providing these services to our authors for years. At a time when other publishers are still thinking about going digital, IP has more than 250 titles available via print on demand (POD) and more than 200 titles on the Kindle Reader alone. We've provided these services to our royalty authors for some time; with the DPC we can now offer these services to authors and organisations that are prepared to invest in their work to realise higher royalty revenue.

What Publishing Solutions Does the DPC Offer?

Put simply, the DPC starts with a digital master that can easily be adapted to whatever format is required for other forms of publication.

Print books typically are output as press-ready pdf (Acrobat) files. The same master can be sent to POD companies to allow for copies to be printed on demand anywhere in the world, including on the Ingram Espresso machine that can produce a high quality printed book is less than five minutes.

We then create versions that will work on the key readers, tablets and smart phones and distribute them to Amazon, Apple, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google, Overdrive, and ReadHowYouWant, a company that specialises in producing large print versions for visually impaired and blind readers.

With the DPC, you no longer have to search for service providers for each step in the process and then coordinate their efforts to avoid duplication and added expenses. We do it all for you.

IP was one of the first publishers in Australia to partner with the big POD players like Lightning Source (Ingram) and CreateSpace (Amazon). We were also the first to place our titles on Amazon's Kindle® Reader and in Apple's iBookstore (we're a registered Apple Developer). We have an integrated workflow that makes our titles available as downloadable eBooks in print and audio 24/7.

We've done the hard yards. Now we're ready to share what we know with authors, businesses and agencies – anyone keen to get their work out there and available globally, 24/7.

The sky's the limit. Businesses and Government agencies can benefit by making their publications available online or via download. Schools and higher education institutions can make texts, handbooks and guides accessible on site or at home.

Once published, a work never need go out of print. Digitally published and archived, its contents can be resized, searchable, divisible. And portable. Your library can be at the beach. Your workplace at a café. Saving trees. Reducing your carbon footprint. Helping make the publishing industry truly green.

There's never been a better time to think digital. When you do, think DPC.

Interested? Read on to see what we can do for you.


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Updated 25 November 2013


Thanks IP for doing a 'first read' on my early manuscript. It put me
on track to pull together the story that was in there somewhere. I
took a lot of the advice and completed my first novel and I've just
been invited by Dymocks of Carindale to do a launch and signing. Many thanks for the insights once again. Keep up the great work!
– John Beamish, author of The Addiction Concerto

As an author of three works of fiction, a former journalist and editor of some 15
years experience, it is still the professional editorial advice from IP that I have to thank for moulding my ideas, techniques and talents into quality publishable work. In fact, with the experience of having one of my novels put out by a reputable publisher abroad, I would say that, beyond a doubt, it has taken
IP's expert and highly skilled input to make me realise the true worth of fiction writing as a craft. As a creative writer, I cannot thank them enough.
– Barry Levy, author of As If! and Shades of Exodus

Even with many years of teaching experience, I knew I needed help getting my children’s book to a professional standard. IP’s readers’ reports targeted both general and specific problems in my manuscript and, thanks to their positive feedback, my story has now been accepted for publication.  I will definitely be using this service again and would highly recommend it to other writers.
– Janet Reid, author of The Ruby Bottle and Winner, IP Picks 2012 Best Junior Prose Award

IP's reader's reports were a godsend. I was really pulled up short (politely) and shown how to clarify my writing. Directions for improvement were clear and concise. I've enjoyed getting to know my patient editor. We can't be experts at everything. Even those of us who are tolerably intelligent (!) will need assistance if we enter a new field such as creative writing.
– Lois Shepheard, author of The Rag Boiler's Daughter

An earlier draft of my book was long-listed for the FAW Jim Hamilton award
so I knew it was worth further effort. I hired a professional assessor to have a look but it wasn't until I invested in an IP reader's report that the book started to take shape. I had three reports all up before it made publication but the process was crucial in its success.

As a welcome surprise, many of the editorial suggestions have been implemented in subsequent writing projects, further proving the value of assessment. Publishing standards are getting higher as are the quality of submissions seem to be competitive. I feel it's vital to have professional advice.
– Olwyn Conrau, author of The Importance of Being Cool