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Our Premium Print and eBook Publication Solutions

iPad. Kindle Fire. Smart Phones. Interactive apps. Book trailers. Viral blogs.

How do you get your work into these channels? The specialists at the Digital Publishing Centre (DPC) can help. Authors accepted for publication by one of IP's selective imprints get these services as a part of their contract. But select companies, agencies or individuals can also propose projects to us on an Assisted Publication basis. Here are some options to consider.

The Plans

DPC Bronze

The aim here is to publish via POD (print-on-demand).

Working from your final text, we design an appropriate cover, arrange an ISBN and barcode. We then send you the master in digital form (pdf) for your approval before sending it off to our POD partners. To ensure the highest quality production, IP partners with only the best POD companies such as Lightning Source and CreateSpace.

Once your title is ready for printing, you tell us how many copies you require for your immediate needs and we arrange to have them sent to you.

The beauty of POD is that you can order as few or as many copies as you want at a time, and then top up your stock when you need it. And there are no surprises: you know how much stock of your book will cost.

For no additional charge, we list your title on Amazon and other partner companies such as Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Wheelers and Gardners.

You can order stock from us as you need it. The cost per book depends on length and the physical dimensions of the book and whether or not you use colour. Straight black and white paperback books cost about AU$5. per book, delivered, (GST-inclusive) for a 100 page book. Discounts may apply if you order larger quantities, e.g. 50 or more at a time.

We pay you 50-80% of net revenue from POD sales. Net revenue is what we are paid by the POD companies, less any fees they charge us for making your title available for sale and maintaining it on their server.

DPC Silver (eBook only)

Under this plan, we prepare a master of your title and make it available as an eBook on more than a dozen global online eBook sites, including:

Amazon, for the various Kindle® Readers

Baker & Taylor, a global distributor of physical and digital content

Barnes & Noble, a major USA distributor of physical and digital content

Gardners, a UK based global distributor

Google eBooks

iBookstore (Apple) for the iPad / iPhone in ePub and/or Fixed Layout ePub format

Overdrive, a global eBook distributor, covering about 85% of the library market

Kobo, for the Kobo eBookstore, and Kobo Readers

Wheelers, a distributor based in Australia and New Zealand with listings of more than 2.5 million titles

We pay you up to 50% of net revenue from eBook sales. Net revenue is what we are paid by the eBook distributor, less any fees they charge us for making your title available for sale and maintaining it on their server.

DPC Gold (POD + eBook)

This provides you with all the services under the Bronze and Silver Plans but at a discount. You can sign up for the Gold Plan at any time before we upload your title to our Bronze or Silver Plan partners. Once your master is uploaded, if you decide to add the other Plan, you'll have to pay the full enrolment fee.

We pay you up to 50% of net revenue on sales.

DPC Platinum (the Works!)

This adds promotion to a DPC Gold Plan. Our Promotions Team develops a marketing plan for your title and then actively promotes it in consultation with you.

We provide you with a Promotions Guide to help you be a positive force in the marketing of your title to the appropriate audience(s).

A key component in the Platinum Plan is a dedicated mini-site for your title, hosted by the DPC on the ipoz.biz site. This mini-site contains a description of your title, an author bio, key reviews and links to external sites. We update the mini-site regularly based on information you send us.

IP maintains an extensive list of bookshops, libraries and wholesale suppliers in Australia and New Zealand and an expanding list overseas. Under DPC Platinum, we prepare a Sales Kit for your title and circulate it to our contacts here and overseas.

We pay you 50% of net revenue on sales.

contact the DPC

Editorial Support

The DPC is committed to publishing the best possible work in print and digital form. Publishers who simply offer to publish your work as is are not doing you or your audience(s) a service. Rightly known as "vanity publishers", such companies generally take your money and run.

Other companies may offer you a quick conversion of your title into eBook formats for an unbelievably low price, but generally if the price seems to good to be true, it usually is. If you want your eBook to look as good online as it does in print, you need an eBook design professional to fine-tune it after conversion.

Step 1 in the process is getting a Short Report on the title's readiness for publication and general advice on how to improve it. This may be waived if you've already had the work professionally assessed. The fee for a Short Report is AU$450 (GST-inclusive), except for children's picture book projects of up 36 pages, where the fee is AU$350 (GST-inclusive).

You can also arrange specialist editorial and proofreading support. This includes content (big picture) and copy editing (fine tuning) phases, plus a design proof reading. Copy editing services are charged at AU$0.04/word (minimum 5000 words); proofreading services at AU$0.02/word (after copy editing is finished).

For more information on our editorial and mentorship options and fees, check out the IP Assess page.

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eBook Production & Distribution

Once the project is ready for publication, we prepare at least one digital master of it. This can be used for POD publication and for those eBook distributors who distribute optimised pdf files as eBook downloads.

We can also prepare ePub and Fixed layout formats, depending on how widely available you want the work to be. ePubs are the most universally accepted format and will work on almost all reading devices, while Fixed Layout versions that work only on Apple and certain Kindle devices are suitable for titles with two spread layouts such as picture books and cook books.

The cost of preparing these eBook formats will depend on how many versions you want and how ready the file is for conversion when we receive it. IP offers a package deal that gives you all the major formats (optimised pdf, ePub and .mobi) for AU$3.30 per page. For picture books and titles requiring Fixed Layout on particular pages, the charge is AU$3.30/page to produce Fixed Layout versions for the two key formats (Kindle Fire and Apple), or we can prepare a version that works only in the Apple Store for AU$1.75/page, via Apple's iBooks Author application.


If you have the skills and the necessary software, you can prepare your own masters for publication via POD or as eBooks. For a mere $9.99, you can download our how-to Your eBook Survival Kit and get started yourself and potentially save yourself heaps of money.

Check out the Kit now.

Obviously, the more we know about your project, the better able we'll be to give you a precise quote. So, the first step is to contact us with a project proposal, a synopsis of the work and a few representative samples. The fee for this is AU$77, refundable if you sign up for one of the DPC Plans.

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Updated 25 November 2013


Thanks IP for doing a 'first read' on my early manuscript. It put me
on track to pull together the story that was in there somewhere. I
took a lot of the advice and completed my first novel and I've just
been invited by Dymocks of Carindale to do a launch and signing. Many thanks for the insights once again. Keep up the great work!
– John Beamish, author of The Addiction Concerto

As an author of three works of fiction, a former journalist and editor of some 15
years experience, it is still the professional editorial advice from IP that I have to thank for moulding my ideas, techniques and talents into quality publishable work. In fact, with the experience of having one of my novels put out by a reputable publisher abroad, I would say that, beyond a doubt, it has taken
IP's expert and highly skilled input to make me realise the true worth of fiction writing as a craft. As a creative writer, I cannot thank them enough.
– Barry Levy, author of As If! and Shades of Exodus

Even with many years of teaching experience, I knew I needed help getting my children’s book to a professional standard. IP’s readers’ reports targeted both general and specific problems in my manuscript and, thanks to their positive feedback, my story has now been accepted for publication.  I will definitely be using this service again and would highly recommend it to other writers.
– Janet Reid, author of The Ruby Bottle and Winner, IP Picks 2012 Best Junior Prose Award

IP's reader's reports were a godsend. I was really pulled up short (politely) and shown how to clarify my writing. Directions for improvement were clear and concise. I've enjoyed getting to know my patient editor. We can't be experts at everything. Even those of us who are tolerably intelligent (!) will need assistance if we enter a new field such as creative writing.
– Lois Shepheard, author of The Rag Boiler's Daughter

An earlier draft of my book was long-listed for the FAW Jim Hamilton award
so I knew it was worth further effort. I hired a professional assessor to have a look but it wasn't until I invested in an IP reader's report that the book started to take shape. I had three reports all up before it made publication but the process was crucial in its success.

As a welcome surprise, many of the editorial suggestions have been implemented in subsequent writing projects, further proving the value of assessment. Publishing standards are getting higher as are the quality of submissions seem to be competitive. I feel it's vital to have professional advice.
– Olwyn Conrau, author of The Importance of Being Cool