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IP Rolling Picks

After 11 years of awards to the best and brightest authors in Australia and New Zealand, the IP Picks Awards have been succeeded by the IP Rolling Picks Program. The categories you can apply to are the same as before: Fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Poetry, YA and Children's Prose, and First Book. You can still apply to more than one category for each submission.

What's the difference? IP Picks was an annual competition, opening from 1 October and closing 1 December, with guaranteed awards for the winning entry in its five categories. IP Rolling Picks offers continuous entry from 1 March to 1 December. Entries received will be shortlisted monthly. Our Editorial Board will meet twice yearly to pick from shortlisted entries, on or about 1 September and 1 April, respectively. Those picked will be offered royalty contracts for global physical and eBook publication and be in the running for the annual IP Picks Book of the Year Award in each category, decided by April 1 each year.

Key Features of the Rolling Picks Program

• IP is now open to proposals from authors and agents world-wide in the genres covered by our adult and children's imprints.

• Initial entries must be accompanied by a reading fee of AU$77 per category (GST-inclusive for Australian entrants) or AU$70 / US$70 for international entrants, except for published authors and applicants eligible for a concession – see below. As a bonus, entrants may order a free Pick of any IP branded title in either physical or eBook editions for Australian residents or eBook (pdf or ePub) for international entrants. Initial submission packages must consist of a letter of introduction, a synopsis of the work and a representative sample of 5% of the work (see our Guidelines for further information).

• Initial entries are read in order of receipt by IP staff. Those of promise will be invited to submit a complete manuscript as a digital file (Word / Pages / PDF) for possible shortlisting. The reading fee for a complete project is AU$450 (for Australian residents, GST-inclusive) or US$425 for international authors. For authors/illustrators of illustrated children's picture books, the fee is AU$350 / US$330. Included in this fee is a Reader's Report of 2-4 pages outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the project and recommendations for improving it.

Ready to enter? Download the entry form as a Word or pdf file now.

• Once you receive your Reader's Report, we encourage you to revise and, if you choose, to resubmit the manuscript again. At this point, the entry will be read and discussed at our next monthly Editorial Board meeting. Those entries of sufficient merit will be shortlisted and you'll be told if your manuscript has advanced to the next stage. If it hasn't, we may invite you to prepare a Follow-up Reader's Report on your project after which you will be able to submit it again.

• At our twice-yearly Board meeting, we'll decide on a list of projects for royalty contracts offers.

Australian Picks selections will be offered guaranteed conventional print and POD publication (with an option to be published in eBook versions as well). International Picks winners will be offered POD and eBook publication in the major formats available at the time (currently optimised pdf, ePub and .mobi).

• Further, at the judges' discretion, there may be Picks Winners in each of the five categories, chosen from the Picks Selections in each category, essentially making them Book of the Year in their category.

Exemptions and Concessions. You may apply to us for an exemption on the initial entry fee if you are an author with at least one book credit from a recognised national publisher. Full-time students or pension card holders (proof required) are offered a 20% discount. Concession card holders are also eligible for a 20% discount on Reader's Reports and other services detailed here.


Here's a list of IP Picks winners up to 2012. We encourage you to click through to see the quality of our titles.

Peter Kay


Best Fiction 2012

Simon Kleinig

Frenchmans Cap

Frenchmans Cap
Best Creative Non-Fiction 2012

Margaret Owen Ruckert


Best Poetry 2012

Janet Reid

Granny Rags

Granny Rags
Best Young Adult / Junior Prose 2012

Karen Zelas

Night's Glass Table

Night's Glass Table
Best First Book 2012

Guy Salvidge

Yellowcake Springs

Yellowcake Springs
Best Fiction 2011

Lois Shepheard

The Rag Boiler's Daughter

Rag Boiler's Daughter Best Creative Non-Fiction 2011

Laura Jan Shore

Water Over Stone

Water Over Stone Best Poetry 2011

Janet Reid

The Ruby Bottle

Ruby Bottle Best Junior Prose 2011

Keith Westwater

Tongues of Ash

Tongues of Ash Best First Book

Olwyn Conrau

The Importance of Being Cool


Daniel King

Memento Mori

Memento Mori
Best Fiction 2010

Lynn Reeves

Designs on the Body

Best Poetry 2010

James Laidler

The Taste of Apple

Best First Book 2010

Juliet Blair

Arlo and the Spindrift Connection

Best Junior Prose

Josh Donellan

A Beginner's Guide to Dying in India

Best Fiction 2009

Nadine Neumann


Best Creative Non-Fiction 2009

Lorraine McGuigan

Wings of the Same Bird

Best Poetry 2009

Jessica Webster

The Secret Stealer

Best First Book 2009

Jim Brigginshaw

Over My Dead Body

Over My Dead Body
Best Creative Fiction 2008

Ann Jones

Put the Billy On

Put the Billy On
Best Creative Non-Fiction 2008

Lia Hills

the possibility of flight

the possibility of flight
Best Poetry 2008

E A Gleeson

in between the dancing

in between the dancing
Best First Book 2008

Sylvia Petter

Back Burning

Best Fiction 2007

Chris Dowding

A Few Drops Short of a Pint

Best Creative Non-Fiction 2007

Mark O'Flynn

What Can Be Proven

Best Poetry 2007

Jan Dean

With One Brush

Best First Book 2007

Bill Collopy

The House of Given

Best Fiction 2006

Dr Nigel Turvey

Terania Creek: Rainforest Wars

Best Creative Non-fiction 2006

Paul Dawson

Imagining Winter

Best Poetry 2006

Michelle Cahill

The Accidental Cage

Best First Book 2006

Geoffrey Gates

A Ticket for Perpetual Locomotion

Best Fiction 2005

Tilly Brasch

No Middle Name

Best Creative Non-Fiction 2005

Joel Deane

Subterranean Radio Songs

Best Poetry 2005

Cate Kennedy


Best Poetry 2004 [co-winner]

Joel Deane


Best Fiction 2004

Nora Krouk

Skin for Comfort

Best Poetry 2004 [co-winner]

Paul Mitchell


Best Poetry 2003 [open]

Liam Guilar

I’ll Howl Before You Bury Me

Best Poetry 2003 [Qld]

Sally Finn

Fine Salt

Best Fiction 2002 [open]

Lesley Singh

Cry Ma Ma to the Moon

Best Fiction 2002 [Qld]

Brett Dionysius


Best Poetry 2002


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Recent Winners

Peter Kay

Peter Kay
Best Fiction, 2012

Simon Kleinig

Simon Kleinig
Best Creative Non-Fiction, 2012

Margaret Owen Ruckert

Margaret Owen Ruckert
Best Poetry, 2012

Janet ReidJanet Reid
Best Young Adult / Junior Prose, 2012

Karen ZelasKaren Zelas
Best First Book, 2012

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