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IP.Kidz is dedicated to publishing the finest print and digital work for children. We aim to feature the very best children’s authors and illustrators, plus digital artists producing New Media for children.

There are lots of children’s publishers out there, but few who offer a multi-channel approach to print and digital work. We publish in eBook formats such as ePub and Fixed Layout Format as well as in physical print, and we're also creating titles that come alive with multimedia enhancements such as audio and video. Kids these days are quite savvy about screen content, so why not deliver the content to where the kids increasingly live?

While IP Kidz has only been publishing since November 2007, we already have several established authors and illustrators on our list, including Libby Hathorn, Hazel Edwards, David P Reiter, Goldie Alexander, Edel Wignell, and Mark Carthew. We're constantly on the lookout for emerging talent – illustrators as well as authors.

IP Kidz titles are on State Premier's Reading Challenges throughout Australia. Here's a list of those on currently by State:

A Penny in Time (VIC)
Christina's Matilda
Duckstar (Qld)
Global Cooling (VIC, SA)
Hedgeburners: An A~Z PI Mystery (VIC)
I Love You Book (NSW, VIC)
Lame Duck Protest (NSW)
Long Live Us! (NSW)
Lyli Meets the Stone-Muncher (NSW)
Newts, Lutes & Bandicoots (VIC)
Plato the Platypus Plumber (part-time) (VIC, NSW)
The Greenhouse Effect (NSW, VIC, SA)
The Sky Dreamer (NSW)
Tiger Tames the Min Min (VIC, SA)

We'll update this list as new titles are added to the Challenges, so please check back.

IP.Kidz is open to collaborations between Australian and overseas creators. Our first title, Real Guns, an illustrated book by our Publisher, David Reiter, was illustrated by a well-known Irish artist, Patrick J Murphy. More recently, Anne Morgan's The Sky Dreamer was illustrated by Swiss artist Celine Eimann, who also published Lyli Meets the Stone-Muncher with us. Several of our titles have been translated into languages such as Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. We’re excited by the prospect of bringing together artists from across the globe.

We do want the work to be relevant to Australian children in the first instance, but we will be marketing titles internationally as appropriate. Our content is being distributed internationally through partners such as Lightning Source, CreateSpace, Overdrive, and Apple, so we pay much more than lip service to electronic rights. Making the most of our content makes sense to us and also benefits our artists.

We’re open year-round to proposals from authors, illustrators, digital artists and animators — or collaborative teams involving some or all of the above. After reviewing our Guidelines, please query us by email with your creative bio, a synopsis of the work and a representative sample. For picture books, you should send the complete work in storyboard layout (where the text is divided by page or spread). The work can be in a Word, Pages, InDesign, or Acrobat pdf attachment, with any images optimised for screen viewing.

Picture book authors don’t have to include illustrations. If we like your work, we’ll find an illustrator for it. However, if you’re one of those rare creative geniuses who can illustrate as well as write, or if you’ve teamed up with a visual artist pro,we're happy to view the whole package.

If we like your work, we’ll offer you a royalty contract. Then the fun begins!

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Tiger Takes the Big Apple
Tiger Takes the Big Apple
David P Reiter

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Bringing Down the Wall
Bringing Down the Wall
David P Reiter

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Granny Rags
Granny Rags
Janet Reid

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The Smallest Carbon Footprint
The Smallest Carbon Footprint in the Land & other eco-tales
Anne Morgan / Gay McKinnon

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Love Book
I Love You Book
Libby Hathorn / Heath McKenzie

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Sky Dreamer
The Sky Dreamer
Anne Morgan / Céline Eimann

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Penny in Time
A Penny in Time
Anna Bartlett

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