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Global CoolingCov

Global Cooling
David P Reiter

with artwork by Megan Crozier

The second in a trilogy of environmentally conscious but enjoyable novels for kids who want to learn about how to save the Earth.

After their early success with Project Earth-Mend in Canberra in The Greenhouse Effect, Tiger the Cat bids farewell to his owner, Alexander, and heads off to the coast with his friend Wanda the Blue-tongue and the frog Tark (who is really an extraterrestrial from the Planet Griffon) to spread the word about how to save the Earth.

They enlist a lot of fellow creatures along the way, including Sam the Crow, who brings important messages from Prince and Eudora of the Sacred Pool. With a lot of help from Tark’s magical toe, Tiger and the crew convince others to help out in the quest to cool the Earth, but the ultimate test lies ahead when they have to convince the elusive Yowie and the doubtful King of the Crocs to pitch in. Can they really help shift the Earth away from disaster toward Global Cooling? Read on and find out!





ISBN 9781876819767 (Paperback)

208pp; 125mm x 203mm

Junior Fiction AU $16 NZ $18 US $15 CA $17 GB £11
ISBN 9781921479472 (ePub) AU
NZ $10 US $8 CA
GB £6


A quest unlike any other. As the name suggests, Global Cooling focuses heavily on the environment.  An unusual team: Tark, a toad of unusual species (extra terrestrial) with a magic toe; Tiger, a cat; Wanda, a blue tongue lizard; and Sam, a crow who is enlisted along the way, endeavour to save the world one species at a time by educating them and creating contracts. They make deals with dogs, foxes and penguins, manatees and more. But the main challenge involves finding the elusive Yowie and a rather large reptile king.

Written by David Reiter of IP Kidz, Global Cooling covers a variety of issues from the perspective of the animals that are affected by them. David Reiter has written other environmental books including the award winning The Greenhouse Effect. The issues David brings up are significant to all of us, but none more then the people who can make the biggest difference of all; our future, our children.

Global Cooling would make a great addition to the classroom, with so many topics and issues to cover it really creates the perfect opportunity for developing awareness. An endless multitude of projects, activities and classroom displays could arise. Focus on the future using positive terms with David Reiter's Global Cooling.

– Angela Hall, Bug in a Book




David P Reiter

Dr David P Reiter (pictured here with his son Alexander) is a multi-award winning author and publisher living in Brisbane. He has written 20 fiction, poetry and children's titles, as well as scripts and multimedia. His previous children's books are Real Guns and The Greenhouse Effect.

He's won the Queensland Premier’s Award and been shortlisted for the Steele Rudd and Adelaide Festival Awards. He’s presented his work to audiences in Australia and overseas and received several grants from the Australia Council and Arts Queensland.




It was only a few days since Tiger had left Canberra for the Coast with Wanda the blue-tongued lizard and Tark the magical frog. His tummy began to grumble again though it was only mid-morning.

I wonder if I’ve packed enough Cat Gourmet, he thought, trembling at the sight of yet another steep climb on the trail ahead.

But he only said: ‘If anyone’s hungry, we could stop up there in the clearing.’

Tark spun around on the track. ‘We’ve only been walking for a little while!’

Wanda smiled. ‘I told you he wouldn’t be up to it, Tark. Introduced species have very little staying power.’

Tiger felt the fur on the back of his neck rise. ‘I wish you’d give that Introduced Species stuff a rest,’ he snapped.

‘Touchy, touchy!’ said Wanda. ‘I’m just trying to keep you moving. It’ll take months for us to make it to the Coast if we have to stop every three hours for a snack.’

‘Not necessarily,’ winked Tark. ‘If you’d only let me use my special powers, we could be there in a nano-second.’

‘No cheating,’ said Wanda, shaking a disapproving claw at him. ‘If we’re going to do our part in Project Earthmend, we have to do it the natural way. Otherwise, the natives will never take us seriously!’

‘OK, OK!’ grumbled Tiger, leading the way up the hill. ‘A cat is only as good as his promise, and I told Alexander I would lead the way for our species.’

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