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Harry Potter Power

Dr Julie-Anne Sykley

Harry Potter Power uses motifs and situations from the popular Harry Potter series and links them to theories and strategies designed to help young people overcome anxiety, anger, depression and grief.

It combines a fun and innovative use of well-known Harry Potter icons with more serious advice, reflection material and activities to help young people apply this perspective.

Practical, thought-provoking and with strong relevance to real world issues, Harry Potter Power is an ideal tool to help young people develop resilience and self-esteem.

NOTE: This book is not licensed or endorsed by, nor is it associated with, J. K. Rowling or Warner Bros.


But we think you'll enjoy it anyway!



Dr Julie-Anne Sykley

Dr Julie-Anne Sykley is a psychologist with various academic and written achievements.

She has worked as a helping professional for about 20 years.

From inner city Sydney to the remote Territory outback, Julie-Anne has helped people from many walks of life with mental health problems.


ISBN 9781921479311 (PB)

AUD $33 NZD $36 USD $25 GBP £17 EUR €20

ISBN 9781921869815 (epub)

AUD $17 NZD $19 USD $15 GBP £9 EUR €11

"Psychologist Dr Julie-Anne Sykley’s book Harry Potter Power is designed to help teenagers develop resilience and cope with emotions such as anger, depression and grief. Fans of British author J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” would be familiar with characters in Dr Sykley’s book. The magical hippogriff creature, for example, was used as a symbol of hope in Harry Potter Power. Dementors were depressing spirits used in her book to help teenagers develop strategies to prevent mental illness. Puzzles, games and secret messages were designed to keep learning about depression, anger, anxiety and grief interesting and informative. Many “Harry Potter” fans have welcomed the book, which is published by Interactive Publications, and is now on sale."
- Cairns Post: 'Harness the healing power of Harry Potter'

On 'The Power of Thoughts':
"This book is so clever! Dr. Sykley creatively uses the Harry Potter stories so that young people can readily recognise the Dementors of Depression, the Boggarts of Anxiety and the Manticores of Anger and then swing into action with some serious dis-spelling!"
- Associate Professor James Bennett-Levy

On 'The Greatest Power: Bolder than Death':
"Contemporary, refreshing, and uplifting."
- Jonty Bush, 2009 Young Australian of the Year and Chief Executive Officer Queensland Homicide Victims Support Group --Queensland Homicide Victims Support Group

On 'The Power of Tragedy':
"Excellent... powerful for young people."
- Bill Huntley, Psychologist

"Helping young people cope with common psychological problems like depression or anxiety through the popular character of Harry Potter is a great idea, and Dr Julie-Anne Sykley, a psychologist with over 20 years experience, has done a brilliant job of it. The organization of the book is clear and makes for easy referencing. As a guide to some of the deeper issues of the Harry Potter series, or a methodology for practicing psychologists looking for ways to connect with young patients, this book has much to offer."
- Derek Murphy

"Harry Potter Power is not your average self help book. This book uses the themes, characters and situations from the Harry Potter series to help you become a better you!
The book is split into 6 different sections and in each section the author talks about different areas of life and how they can help us become more powerful: The Power of Tragedy; The Power of Thoughts; The Power of Action; The Power of Animals; The Power of Nature; The Greatest Power.
Throughout the book there are also activities that you can do that will help you along the path to gaining more self power. You answer questions, do word puzzles and more! I even learned a few things about the Potterverse that I never knew before. One example being that hippogriffs symbolize the fact that people can overcome impossible scenarios and come out for the better. There are countless more little tidbits about the world of Harry Potter that even the craziest Potter fan, like me for example, will find interesting.
All in all this is a great resource for anyone who wants to improve their lives."
- Megan Barrow


Dr Sykley interviewed on blogtalkradio about issues related to HPP, including how the book helps youth deal with stress. (click on 1 August on demand episode).

Author interview featured in IP eNews 41 as Highly Commended in IP Picks Best Creative Non-fiction Competition

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Can Tragedy Increase Power?

As the magic world of Harry Potter shows, power – the ability to be your happiest, healthiest and highest self – arises from the strangest and most unexpected places. This includes dark and difficult situations such as abuse, illness and injury – even the violent death of a loved one. Tragedies, which arrive in shocking shapes at first, can also be incredibly empowering. The worst times in life – as Harry and his friends show – can bring out the best in people and free the most important power of all: your inner psychological power.

In Harry’s world, many tragic events, bad conditions and hurt things invoke power. After all, didn’t a strike from a deadly serpent free Harry’s courage, which called to a fabulous bird? Didn’t the right magic words spoken in a cold spooky place underground shift apart stone walls, carved with snakes, to reveal a secret chamber? And didn’t a wounded key – the old one with crumpled blue wings – help Harry to unlock a heavy door deep inside the heart of Hogwarts Castle? It might seem strange that misfortunes should increase our personal power. But they can – and do. Would you like to acquire a Philosopher’s Stone in real life? Well, tragedy could help you find one.

You see, a crazy and often overlooked side to tragedy in life is its powerful flip-side. Adversity is a fierce force that bursts closed doors wide open, bringing people in touch with their true inner selves. It’s only when people stare for too long at the closed doors that they miss all the other doors that tragedy has opened for them. There’s no doubt about it. Big problems can free big personal powers that might otherwise stay unseen, untapped, unknown and out of our reach… forever.

Some people already know how to turn tragedy inside out, upside down and all the way around to their advantage. Tragedy might break some people, but it sure makes others. As a wise Zen monk in Anthony de Mello’s tale put it:

When my house burnt down
I got an unobstructed view
Of the moon at night!

So if you really want to, you can find the best beauty, freedom and power in the worst situations. Maybe you have suffered a tragedy. Or maybe your life has been extra tough lately. Whatever hardships you may have, there are sure ways to free your inner power.

Do you dare to explore tragedy more closely?
Do you wish to be wiser, truer and more powerful?
Already, here you are – a sign of true power.
Clearly, you are someone destined to be powerful.
Just like Harry Potter and his friends.


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