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The Heart Takes Wing
Kathy Kituai (words)
Nitya Parker (music)

A brilliant collaboration of words and music between tanka artist Kathy Kituai and composer/musician Nitya Bernard Parker.

Kituai says of tanka: 'Originating 1300 years ago in Japan, tanka has traversed centuries offering spirituality and healing. This ancient five line form invites us to pause and sit with ‘what is’, be that the splendour of a glory vine, a wombat on a country road, rosellas full flight or the pain of love, loss and longing and to go beyond the reach of the ordinary moment and heal.'

And Nitya says of his music: My endeavour in creating the music was to give expression to a full range of emotions, and, in so doing, connect with our deepest spiritual self.  Even aversive emotions can be experienced with dignity and compassion, as guiding us towards divinity. This is the principle that permeates the ragas of classical Hindustani music. Adapting this music to flow with Tanka has been wonderful, extraordinary, and indeed humbling.


ISBN 9781921479120
Poetry / Music
Audio + Text CD (works on computer-based CD players and portable CD/DVD players)



Kathy Kituai

Poet, diarist and creative writing teacher, Kathy Kituai began writing tanka seriously in 2005. She has published three poetry collections: green-shut green, The lace-Maker, and Straggling into Winter. She’s won the Fuji Award, Eucalypt Tea-towel Tanka Prize, as well as ‘Honourable Mentions” in the Saigyo Tanka Award and the Mianichi Haiku Award, has published three anthologies and a children’s picture book.


Nitya Bernard Parker

Nitya Bernard Parker, psychotherapist and social worker, is Australia’s foremost player of the bansuri as well as a gifted composer and multi-instrumentalist. His skillful and melodious playing on this CD fills the listener with the colours of compassion, beauty, awe, devotion, courage, love and peace. Originally from New Zealand of Irish lineage, Nitya studied the Ragas of North Indian classical music under Pandit Malhar Kalkarnii in Mumbai and is graduate of ANU in jazz flute performance.


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‘Voice and music perfectly combine to cause the listener to inwardly reflect and be present to the whispers held within the heart.

This CD will be a dear friend to those who journey alone with their thoughts and feelings and for anyone who wants to give language to their own emotional depths.’ – Petrea King, Founding Director, Quest for Life Foundation.

‘mind, breath, hand, spirit . . . in counterpart

Kathy Kituai’s tanka honour the genre’s traditions of the distillation of human experience into short songs. Title offers an intimate example of how keeping a diary may offer healing and resolution. Interpretive musical accompaniment extends the resonance of each poem and is remarkable for its sensitivity and range.’ – Beverley George, Editor, Eucalypt




‘Music, poetry, life and death come together in this deeply moving expression of suffering, compassion and friendship. The work exudes a fragile beauty where the infinite and universal are interwoven with the practical world of day to day reality. Those whose life has been changed forever, through circumstances beyond their control, will relate to the calm matter-of-fact unfolding of a tale of the inevitable journey. Music lovers will be enraptured by the sensitive and imaginative blend of bansuri, piano and voice. A magical world where words and music become one unfolds. Every sound resonates to awaken deep emotions, suggesting the possibility of hope and healing in seemingly hopeless circumstances.

A beautiful and sincere expression of love and acceptance.’ – Sandy Evans and Tony Gorman, World Jazz Musicians

‘This CD is a unique blend of poetry and music, guaranteed to touch your heart with its celebration of the human spirit. The flute transports you effortlessly to another time and another place, while the words remind you that even in the face of fear and suffering, you can find endless love and vitality deep within.’ – Dr Russ Harris, Trainer and Psychotherapist