My Planets: a fictive memoir

Help My Planets out on MakeItHappen

MakeItHappen has posted My Planets Reunion Memoir as an idea that might get a micro grant to enable me to present it at an international conference in Banff, Canada next May. Please connect to the page and “like” the idea to give it the best chance of being funded (costs you nothing):

MakeItHappen is the site of, a philanthropic organisation dedicated to assisting creatives to share ideas and experiences with Jewish content. The organisation provides grants of $1,000 – $5,000 annually to “make it happen” for projects they are enthused about.

The conference David has been invited to is that of the IABA (International Autobiography and Biography Association). In 2014, it will be hosted by the University of Alberta (where David completed his Master’s degree) and located at the Banff Centre for the Arts, where My Planets was composed in 2012. Talk about the stars coinciding!

The presentation will showcase the project by showing segments from the online site and also promote discussion about how digital media can be used to enhance memoir.

Once again, please click on the link above and “like” the idea to MakeItHappen.

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