Following the success of her intriguing memoir set in Singapore and Malaya, The Girl with the Cardboard Port, Judith McNeil returns to her homeland Australia in No One's Child. This is the remarkable story of her childhood as a 'railway brat', growing up along the rail tracks in small towns while her father worked on the lines. Judith's life is a reminder of the strength of human beings. As the eldest of six children in times of hardship and poverty, she took on the role of provider and carer. She never stopped craving affection from her tired, battered mother and her father who resented that she was not a son. But this tale is also one of hope and joy. Readers will delight in the vibrant laughter and love of a Gypsy camp, the attention of Tom, the engine driver who had faith in Judith and fed her hunger for knowledge, and the friendship of Billy, the boy who could see into her soul. The memorable cast of characters inspires, leaving us marvelling at the indomitable spirit of the little girl who challenged her present and found a new future. Dedicated to mothers everywhere, No One's Child is an unforgettable portrait of Australian life in the 1950s in the incredible outback landscape.

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