Puggle in a Muddle: The French Connection PB

Author: Charley de Luna

Author Name: Charley de Luna

ISBN: 9781925231236

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In Book 1 of Puggle in a Muddle, the Canine star of the television series of the same name, Mango, is much loved by her owner Kaylia, a Hollywood actress. Just before Mango can be immortalised with her very own star on the Walk of Fame, she's separated from Kaylia in an airport, ending up in Paris, where she has to stand in as the star of Monsieur Henri Pompomier's spring fashion range. 

With only her wits to save her, Mango lurches from adventure to adventure, closely pursued by a professional dognapper. Meanwhile, Kaylia is hot on Mango's trail from one end of France to the other. But will she be reunited in time with her darling dog?

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