The Power of Women

Author: Jane Daoud

Author Name: Jane Daoud

ISBN: 9781922332196

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Tags: poetry, sport

While women account for 50% of the population they only occupy around 0.5% of recorded history. When pre-history turned into history, and, as new civilisations expanded, society became more militarised, and the story of “humanity” was often filtered through male perspectives. So the tales of many strong and powerful women became stifled and forgotten.

It’s time to restore the stories of feisty, courageous, and athletic females into the historical narrative It’s time to reconsider what it means for men and women to be human and to seek to excel.


Jane Daoud gives voice to the power of women through reflections on what is possible, what has been achieved and what has not been seen with eyes wide shut. Stories of gladiatrices, dagger wielders, weightlifters, pirates, bikini girls, and jockeys tease the senses and makes one think about what is assumed, unobserved and lost to the true telling of his story and her story. Women know that women have power.  It’s not a secret that they have kept to themselves.  Ever. Jane allows anyone, everyone, all of us, to see and think differently, to peer into, and then appreciate, what is actually in plain sight: women and their power, casually but rightfully worn.

– Margot Foster AM LLB OLY


If there is little good poetry on sport, there's even less on women's place in the history of physical endeavour. The Power of Women splendidly redresses some of the imbalance, introducing us to some of the most fearless and fearsome women who have ever put their strength to the test. With poems spanning ancient history to the modern Olympics, via a touch of piracy, this collection will convince you that women have paved the way to excellence in many and diverse fields, including taking up arms when necessary. It delivers a whole new understanding to the concept of going to the gym.

– Laurice Gilbert, Past-President, New Zealand Poetry Society

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