Winning Short Story Competitions

Author: L.E. Daniels & C. Sawyer

Author Name: L.E. Daniels & C. Sawyer

ISBN: 9780648366126

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A short story writing guide authored by editors and competition judges L. E. Daniels & C. Sawyer. Short fiction is in demand. Submission calls are global and a few publications will light up your portfolio. Collectively, L. E. Daniels and C. Sawyer have judged many short story competitions and seen patterns in what makes stories wobble, and what makes them dance. Competitions are filled with good to great writers.


In Winning Short Story Competitions, Daniels and Sawyer detail the difference between the winners and the well-populated layer of the field that score around the 8/10 mark for their work. Winning Short Story Competitions is for serious writers on the quest to expand their writing practice from good/very good, to exceptional.

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