The Controversial Bernborough: Was He Australia's Greatest Racehorse?

Author: William Stokes

Author Name: William Stokes

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The story of Bernborough is an uplifting one, decked with highs and lows, focused around the life of a phenomenal Australian racehorse.  Played out from the beginning of World War II, the story includes several colourful characters along the way.  Bogus records, a ring-in, massive betting coups, suspense, controversy and intrigue all feature around Bernborough.  The racing stewards in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle repeatedly banned him from competing at their racetracks.

Only in postwar Australia was he allowed to perform on the metropolitan racecourses.  Then, within months, this amazing galloper set the nation agog.  An enigmatic hero, Bernborough rapidly became a household name without anyone ever knowing all that was involved.  When he was later booked for stud in Kentucky, his sale to Louis B. Mayer from MGM studios was also loaded with never-ending controversy.

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