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Nero: for thousands of years his name has stood synonymous with the
Roman Empire. But why? What was it about this enigmatic personality
that catapulted him into becoming Emperor as a 16-year-old? It was at a
time when Rome not only ruled the world, but also managed to house 1
million inhabitants - a population achievement not reached for almost a
further 2,000 years when Queen Victoria reigned in London.
In his heyday, pagan priests proclaimed that Nero was a living god, whilst
hundreds of years after his death the Christian Church branded him as the
Antichrist who would one day return to wreak havoc and destruction upon
the planet.
Throughout the many historic books published about Nero not even the
historians are in total agreement with what happened during his lifetime,
though the theologians do agree that the biblical number 666 is the Apostle
Peter’s code-number for Nero.
He certainly fiddled while Rome burned and then sentenced hundreds of
Christians to a hideous death before banning any further worship of this
Forgetting his many murderous acts, games, extravagant parties and
building projects, above all else, Nero believed that the god, Apollo, had
blessed him with a divine voice, as well as the theatrical talents to entertain
an audience.

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