Masters and Slaves of Modern Religion eBk

Author: Geoffrey Hebdon

Author Name: Geoffrey Hebdon

ISBN: 9781922332639

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Masters and Slaves of Modern Religion is a bold, inspiring and a brilliant expose of religious cults that can create harm and seriously damage the lives of their adherents and the dangers associated with mind control and how these cults operate. The in-depth research undertaken by the team employed by the sponsors of this narrative, the MTC International Foundation, is riveting and will leave you breathless.

Facts and details are exposed that have never been revealed before and the sincere motive of the research team is to enlighten sincere genuine Christians how to protect themselves from being used as slaves by the powerful, influential religious organizations in these modern times. It also covers important steps one needs to take to break free from the chains and slavery of a religious cult.

The book also goes into great depth of how a cult operates and enhances our understanding of how  cults on earth today affect the happiness and personal, private lives of millions of their slave like followers. For serious students of the Bible and those who are interested in the subject of religion plus true Christianity and its contribution and value to the human race will not be disappointed.

The editor is Geoffrey Hebdon of the MTC Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation located in California.

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