75 for the 75th – Selected: 2002-2022 PB

Author: David P. Reiter

Author Name: David P. Reiter

ISBN: 9781922332851

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In his brand of multiverse, David P. Reiter probes planetary identity as exploratory memoir, ‘tweetem’ snapshots of the mind and body from stress to recovery, and fanzine remixes
of Dr Who. In these key selections from the award-winning My Planets: a fictive Memoir, Timelord Dreaming, and Time Lords Remixed he tests the limits of genre and text.

This is a profound digital narrative which both makes the most of the various possibilities of the digital realm whilst weaving a provocative, engaging and all too human tale.
– Judges’ Report, WA Premier’s Book Awards (on My Planets: a fictive memoir)

Illness as altered reality isolates us from the world. Sharp as a scalpel, Reiter beams trippy tweetems from his hospital bed, cracking sterile walls and piercing us with poignancy.
– Dr Leah Kaminsky, author of The Waiting Room (on Timelord Dreaming)

Here we have a satirical, surreal and insightful narrative that invites readers to click through, look up, chuckle and question everything. Beyond the sci-fi fandom and miscellany is a distilled and vital poetry that deserves multiple readings.
Jayne Fenton Keane, author of The Transparent Lung (on Time Lords Remixed)

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