Wild & Wacky Adventurers PB

Author Name: Dianne Bates & Bill Condon

ISBN: 9781922332943

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Here are the first stories in the Wild & Wacky Adventurers Series

In Tazzie Wallaroo & The Perfect Match, famed adventurer, Tasman Wallaroo (known as Tazzie), and her team of 28 shaggy-haired Siberian Cha-Wow-Wows depart the Point of No Return to capture the Abominable Snowman. Will Tazzie and her doggies overcome blizzards and sub-zero weather? Will they survive falling into a crevasse? And thousands of ice mites? And frenzied ice mice? What happens when Tazzie uncovers an igloo? Is this the home of the Abominable Snowman? And how and why is love somehow on the cards?

Then, in Kylie O’Riley & The Watta-Wopping Volcano, the world’s most famous volcanologist Kylie O’Riley is asked by Hilda to recover her husband, Rudy, who has fallen into Watta-Wopping Volcano. There she finds a dragon. Luckily, she can speak Dragonese and persuades it to fly her to Cracka-Cracka Boom-Boom, home of the Gidgee Guy tribe. However, the chief’s son, Tumby, fancies Kylie for dinner. Will she escape his cooking pot? Does she save Hilda’s missing husband? And her precious ring and picnic basket? What antique gift does she receive?

To find out the answers to these and other enthralling questions, read these great stories from Book 1 of the Wild & Wacky Adventurers Series!

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