Zero Hour: A Countdown to the Collapse Of South Africa’s Apartheid System eBk

Author: Geoffrey Hebdon

Author Name: Geoffrey Hebdon

ISBN: 9781922383004

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This enlightening book focuses on the history of how the ethnic groups of Africa, eventually joined by white colonizers from Europe, created the seedbed for the hateful apartheid system in Southern Africa. The reader learns how apartheid began, the dehumanizing effects it had on the black population, and how it was finally abolished in its ‘zero hour’ in 1994. Written by historian, writer and researcher Geoffrey Hebdon, this is the second in a series that covers the experience of a British citizen who emigrated to South Africa during that era, and records in vivid detail his responses to the apartheid system and how South Africa and neighbouring countries evolved after apartheid was abolished.

As well as the first European settlers and the white Afrikaners’ attempted enslavement of the black population, the book also covers the Zulu wars, the Anglo-Boer wars and individuals who supported apartheid such as Cecil Rhodes and the whites-only National Party of South Africa. Also covered are prominent leaders of the African National Congress (ANC) and the black revolutionaries who fought against apartheid, many of whom gave their lives or served life sentences for their “struggle”, including Nelson Mandela, who became South Africa’s first black president after serving years in prison.

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