Bringing Down the Wall

Author: David P Reiter / Sona Babajanyan

Author Name: David P Reiter / Sona Babajanyan

ISBN: 9781922120199

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"Selected Title: Canadian Children's Book Centre's Best Books for Kids and Teens 2013! In Bringing Down the Wall Joshua misses his grandpa, but his mother has told him he's not allowed to see him. She won't explain why, but Joshua suspects it has something to do with his grandpa's new wife, Riva.

One day, Joshua sets out on his own to visit his grandpa and Riva to discover the truth. He hopes he can find a way to make it up between them and his mother. But will he be able to bring down the wall guarding their secrets? Also available in German translation edition: Die Mauer Zu Fall Bringen"

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