Eleanor, the Firebrand Queen eBk

Author: Helen Rayson-Hill

Author Name: Helen Rayson-Hill

ISBN: 9781922332387

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Eleanor of Aquitaine is intelligent and beautiful, her immense wealth desired by kings. Her father’s dying wish places the young heiress under the guardianship of King Louis VI of France, who marries her to his monkish son. The pious French Court considers her education and intellect shameful. She is accused of emulating men, regarded as her betters. It is emphasised she is there to breed, look decorative, and keep her eloquent mouth shut.

Eleanor longs to break free. The opportunity arises to lead an army on the Second Crusade. Eleanor grasps the chance and rides to the Holy Land accompanying Louis, now king. In Antioch, the young Queen discovers unexpected love and a prophesy. Her disastrous marriage to Louis is annulled at her request.

Single, Eleanor attracts unwanted adventurers. Ambushed, she evades capture realising she must remarry. She weds young Henry Plantagenet, attractive and no monk, beginning a mighty dynasty.

This is Book 1 in a series about Eleanor.


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