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Author: War of the Real

Author Name: War of the Real

ISBN: 9781922332592

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This is the tale of the critters who reside behind the locked gates of a Botanical Gardens at night. It’s the first formal offering from author/illustrator War Of The Real.


The idea for characters like those in this book was hatched in a Cooktown (Far North Queensland, Australia) public restroom.


It all came together after the discovery of a permanent marker discarded on the bathroom floor, a fleeting inspiration and an unoccupied moment in an otherwise occupied cubicle. From then on, wherever the road led, the artist is always armed with his trusty Sharpie on the trail of bug-eyed oddities, smiling down from where they’ve been scrawled.  


The mission for War Of The Real is to deliver wackiness to the world, encouraging you to never take anything too seriously, question everything you run into and most of all have fun while you’re doing it.

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