Art from Adversity: A Life with Bipolar

Author: Anne Therese Naylor

Author Name: Anne Therese Naylor

ISBN: 9781922120113

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Winner, NSW Carer of the Year 2013! Winner, Certificate of Commendation, NSW Mental Health Awards 2013!

Art from Adversity shines the spotlight on mental illness, in particular, bipolar disorder. It provides an insight into what it is like to become mentally ill, to ascend into mania, free fall into depression, andfinally emerge profoundly changed by the experience.  Art from Adversity: A Life with Bipolar is Anne Therese Naylor's memoir and information guide to mental illness. She provides insights into what it is like to become mentally ill and what it takes to become well.   Her artworks, both on the cover and woven throughout the book, illustrate the creativity that can come from adversity.   With messages demonstrating that everyone knows someone affected by mental illness, and that positive things can be born from adversity, this book encourages all of us that education about mental illness is the key to understanding and freedom.   This book will strongly appeal to lovers of memoir, practical advice, and anyone who knows someone with a mental illness.

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