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Animal Doctor, Animal Doctor — a picture book

Heard of a hippo with a sore hip? Or a giraffe with a crick in the neck? Or a monkey with nose-pinching halitosis? Who can come to their rescue? The Animal Doctor, of course!

This book’s rollicking verse and colourful illustrations are guaranteed to delight kids everywhere.

But how will even an Animal Doctor cure a lion with laryngitis? Find out in the crazy, topsy-turvy pages of Animal Doctor, Animal Doctor.

To get into the swing of things, have a listen to the Animal Doctor song.

ISBN 9781922332097 (HB, 32pp);
216mm x 216mm
AUD $26 USD $18 NZD $28 GBP £12 EUR €14
ISBN 9781922332103 (eBook) AUD $13 USD $9 NZD $15 GBP £6 EUR €7


A clever and cute book that fosters a love of nature and empathy with animals and their feelings. It shows just how close animals are to ourselves in that they also have health problems and have things that get sore and need fixing! I think people underestimate the skill and amazing things that veterinarians do and this book really shows just how clever at problem solving vets have to be. And perhaps more correctly, we vets should be called animal doctors! I particularly enjoyed the giraffe with the sore neck and the lion with laryngitis. And the song is definitely the best part of all.

– Dr Kate Adams, Bondi Vet

Trevor Todd

With a feature film, 16 half hours of television drama, and fourteen books to his credit, Trevor Todd's work has reached millions of people worldwide. Devil's Gate, a thriller feature co-written with, and directed by, Stuart St. Paul, was filmed in 2002 in the Shetland Isles.

Glad Rags (1995), his 13 part children's television series, was broadcast on the BBC, Nickelodeon UK and on the Nine Network in Australia. In 1994 he won the Australian Writers Guild AWGIE for Best Children's TV Drama with Old Sam, Jasper and Mr Frank. Ingrid Rules the Waves (shortlisted, WAYBRA awards) and Revenge of the Three Blind Mice (shortlisted, YABBA awards) were published by Margaret Hamilton Books. 2001 saw the release of Bone Idol (Pan MacMillan) and two readers for the Thomas Nelson series. Street Sister Madness appeared from Pan MacMillan in 2002.

Upcoming from IP Kidz is 100 Watermelons, and a series of books about David Reiter's two birds, Sir Humphrey the Princess Parrot and Woody the Canary. All of these titles will be illustrated by Trevor's partner in illustrated crime, Steve Page.

He is a member of the Australian Writers Guild and the Fellowship of Australian Writers. He lives in Western Australia and when not writing he enjoys playing his guitar and singing old Beatles' songs.

Steve Page

For as long as he can remember, Steve has had a pencil in his hand. With this love of drawing it was only natural that he would pursue a career in the arts. After many successful years as a graphic designer, working for a variety of publishing companies around the world, he decided to follow his heart and return to what he loves most - producing illustrations full of fun and wacky characters.

Born in the UK, he now lives in Australia with his family. He is an animated movie fan who hopes that maybe one day one of his characters will move from page to screen and play a leading role.


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