Anne Therese Naylor

Anne Therese Naylor has a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Special Education and accreditation as a NAATI Paraprofessional Auslan Interpreter. She is passionate about literacy and throughout her career has had the privilege and joy of teaching deaf children to read and write through sign language. Anne began writing after her third child was born in 1987. Her poignant story ‘I had a Down syndrome baby at 27’ was awarded second prize in a non-fiction writing competition and published in Cosmopolitan in July, 2000. In 2005, an intense desire to paint was accompanied by the onset of bipolar disorder. Anne’s allegorical work ‘What lies beneath’ was awarded first prize in the 2008 Central Coast Mental Health Artworks Exhibition. A mental health and disability advocate, Anne is a Carer Representative for Carers NSW. She is dedicated to raising awareness, challenging stereotypes and fighting the stigma of disability and mental illness.

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