Edel Wignell

Edel Wignell is interested in history and folklore. Her first two collections were: A Boggle of Bunyips (1981) and A Bluey of Swaggies (1985). In the last chapter of A Bluey of Swaggies, Edel told the story of the creation of the song 'Waltzing Matilda', and included Christina Macpherson who provided the tune. Luckily, in 2002, Edel met Diana Baillieu, a great-niece of Christina, who generously shared information and photographs from the Macpherson Archive. See Edel's website: www.edelwignell.com for more information on the research and writing of this book. Edel (the name rhymes with 'medal') is a freelance writer, compiler, journalist and poet who writes for both children and adults. She has more than 90 published books, the latest being the picture-stories Long Live Us! (Interactive Publications) and Bilby Secrets (Walker Books Australia).



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