Gemma White

Gemma White is a poet living in Melbourne, Australia. Her first collection of poetry, Furniture is Disappearing, was published in 2014 by IP. She shares her knowledge of poetry on her website, where she offers a free 5-day email poetry course. You can also sign up on her website to receive her e-newsletter for her latest writing news. Gemma has been published in many Australian literary magazines and journals, including Best Australian Poems. She also studied poetry at The University of Melbourne and The University of Edinburgh.


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We start the fires
We bring the rain
We praise the sun
We lick every new frond
in our love of the infinite

We salivate over every flower
We drum the limbs alive
We lay naked underneath the sun
We kiss while standing in cool streams
We slap the waves with pleasure
as we roll right into the sands

We are here forever and
for just a moment combined
We awaken the skies
for we are sublime


i-text i-talk i-eat i-drink i-piss i-piss
i give no shits

i-take i-walk i-eat i-piss i-waste i-want i-buy
i buy

i-text i-pout
shit out

i-come i-conquer
i wank

i-eat i-work i-buy i-jerk
i-waste i-want
i fuck

i-bin i-bin i-want-to-win
i-selfie i-drink
i try not to think

i-win i-win
i push away

i-vomit i-drink i-piss i-sleep
i-shit i-eat i-waste i-want
i pile more on

i-eat i-text i-talk i-talk
i-pout i-push i-try
i try

i-wish i-strain
i-vomit again
i-fuck it all up

i push you away


My madness is a burnt orange fox
Most of the time it is contained to its burrow
Occasionally it draws a crimson streak across life
Like a mandarin cloud at sunset
Its hues echo


Cat Power @ The Renfrew Ferry, April 25, 2007

oh beautiful she!
will you please come on now?
I’ve come all this way
please come on now!

where is she where is she where is she?
I’ve come here for her to see her for her!

does she have stage fright?
has she refused to come on stage

where is she, where is she?
I’ve come all this way to see her now!

oh beautiful she!
will you please come on now?
she is coming on stage oh the glory
& oh she is here now she is god now she she she!

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