Geoff Smith

Geoff Smith is a student of yoga, rugby coach, personal trainer and teacher with over 20 years’ experience. He holds a Master of Education, an MBA and post graduate certificates in management and leadership. In his role as an educational leader in schools for at-risk youth, Geoff introduces the principles of the 4 Pillars to manage burnout among fellow staff and to create enhanced levels of wellbeing and excellence. Geoff lives in Brisbane, Australia with his fiancé Ash and dog Bodhi.







Monday morning 3 a.m.

Stillness and silence.

My brother once said that only misfits and those living on the edges of society are awake at this hour. I like the sound of that. Being a misfit has real advantages.

Early morning is the time for writers, innovators, philosophers and artists. It’s time to prepare for the day ahead and begin another day investing in the 4 Pillars. These pillars of health, relationships, finance and mindset form the foundation of creating a life on our terms: a life where I now decide how, with whom and where I spend my time. It’s how I create a life I define as a success.

It all happens in the early hours while most are asleep. It occurs through preparation and planning. Creating a successful life means becoming uncommon. Rising early was just one of many uncommon traits shared throughout this book.

The 4 Pillars contains the rituals and habits to create a life on your terms. This book also includes strategies to overcome challenges I encountered as I progressed, in an effort to share an authentic account of personal development and improvement. Tough times often reveal more about our inadequacies than we like to admit, but they are valuable teachers. Working through each of the 4 pillars and the strategies I use to keep moving forward provides a template for choosing your own path as you create a life on your own terms.

Maybe you’re faced with adversity right now—adversity in the form of an unsatisfying job, an unfulfilling relationship or a sense of overall fatigue. This book provides strategies based on science, ancient wisdom and personal experience that go beyond exercise programs to flatten your stomach. The 4 Pillars focuses on unpacking the underlying beliefs and habits currently represented in the life you are living: beliefs and habits that no longer serve the person you are choosing to become.

Together we will explore how to develop habits and rituals that will enhance your performance in all areas of life. We’ll also anticipate and investigate challenges that you may encounter in relationships, finances and your mindset that have the potential to sabotage your efforts.

Finally, this book represents the never-ending journey of self-development all of us are taking. There is no finish line. There are no winners or losers. Yet, there is an ocean of fulfilment that unfolds once we seek to become better versions of ourselves.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, this book will provide practical, simple and effective strategies to create the life you desire.

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