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Adventures at Humminghive: Here We Are!

This fun-filled musical story has been developed for children aged 2-6 years to follow the adventures of the community who live and thrive in Humminghive. Young and old have a “voice” that rejoices in the peacefulness, courtesy and equality that bring tranquillity and harmony. Differences between the various animal and human inhabitants are resolved with confidence, and high self-esteem is fostered between all those who live in Humminghive as one successful society.

The musically interactive Lifeskills Program that is the source of this audiobook called ‘tunias the musical story of the Petunia Family was created for children aged 2-6. The many episodes include singing, musical role play, musical activities and storytelling focusing on turn taking, co-operation, mutual respect, social inclusion, social awareness and self belief. The children are empowered with self-confidence and high self-esteem is fostered.

ISBN 9781922332318 (Audiobook, 31 minutes, 28 seconds playing time); AUD $13 USD $8 NZD $14 GBP £6 EUR €7


I found the music lively, engaging and mostly ‘catchy’. I enjoyed the rhyming story lines. The story provides opportunities for discussion about different social behaviours associated with friendships – inclusiveness, cooperation, helping others, expressing feelings, negotiation, misunderstandings, and more. These scenarios can be played separately or in sequence for children to discuss. The inclusion of meditation and relaxation music provides a gentle way to end the session and could be used independently of the story.

– Kay Margetts, University of Melbourne

Beverley Omsky

Beverley Omsky has created the characters, written the story and composed the music for the audiobook, Adventures at Humminghive —Here We Are! The music is a delight with many favourite sing-a-long songs. Beverley Omsky has a Bachelor of Music in Education(B.Mus,ed), H.D.E in Education and has post graduate certificates in Guided Imagery in Music (Melb.) and Musical Play Therapy.(New Zealand). Beverley has over 30 years experience as an Early Childhood Music Specialist, providing In-services to Early Learning Centre staff and teachers. Beverley has established music education curricula for kindergarten and primary school students. She has facilitated, administered and coordinated instrumental music programs at private schools and community centres. She is passionate about music education being delivered in an interactive, fun, inclusive and holistic manner to ensure all students are able to learn effectively. Her expertise as a specialist childhood music educator has been utilized in setting up Music Departments in Kindergarten and Primary Schools focussing on the specific needs of young children. She has promoted, directed, supported and developed programs providing resources and methodology. Beverley has presented numerous times, including for Family Life and The Association of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies. Beverley has an extensive private music education practise, volunteers extensively in many different settings and is currently completing a second Adventures at Humminghive title.


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