Jan Dean

Jan Dean’s poems have been published in Best Australian Poetry and The Best Australian Poems and have won various prizes in local and national competitions. She taught Visual Arts for 35 years and, having retired from teaching, now focuses on ‘playing with art forms through writing’. She lives in Cardiff, NSW, and is currently Vice President of the Hunter Region Fellowship of Australian Writers.


eNews 33: Commentary by Assistant Editor Mary Trabucco

eNews 34: Interview by Assistant Editor Courtney Frederiksen


The Body and Brushes with Blood

Relationships make bodies, mine

and my body of work, brush blood.

I felt my difference early, when I heard

the call of the crow as music.

It wasn’t the wild wind but the spin
it lent our cobwebs that made me shiver.

Gathering wildflowers, field flowers
I could not fail to see, it’s the daisy’s skirt
that makes the centre glow.

Mixing father’s colours was a game.
The red of mulberry wine and Murano glass
can only be set afire beside a certain green.

I also learnt the red of blood dries brown.

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