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Just Off Message

From the ashes of the Penguin Australia Poetry Series, a new publishing house took wing. New and emerging creators, as well as established voices sought an independent publishing house with a global vision and an innovative approach. They found IP.

Now, 20 years on, more than forty creators return to celebrate the survival of this maverick venture with the very best of work past, current and future. Their message to you is that independent publishing houses like IP are, and always will be, an essential part of the cultural landscape even in the face of globalisation and aspiring robots.

Who are these daring writers whose work is Just off Message?

You know how to find them.

ISBN 97819215231601 (PB, 278pp);
152mm x 229mm
AUD $30 USD $24 NZD $33 GBP £17 EUR €20
ISBN 97819215231618 (eBook) AUD $16 USD $10 NZD $17 GBP £8 EUR €9

Dr David P. Reiter, editor

Dr David Reiter is an award-winning text and digital artist, and Publisher / CEO at IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd). He gives talks and leads workshops on all aspects of publishing. Recent works include the medical/micro-textual hybrid TimeLord Dreaming, which won the 2016 WA Premier’s Award for Digital Narrative, Your eBook Survival Kit, now in its 3rd edition, the picture book Bringing Down the Wall, which was 2014 Best Book for Teens & Kids (Canadian Children’s Book Centre). As artist-in-residence twice at the Banff Centre for the Arts, he completed My Planets Reunion Memoir Project, which won the 2012 WA Premier’s Award, and The Gallery (2000), a non-linear interactive work featuring the relationship between Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh. To celebrate IP’s 20th anniversary, he curated, edited and designed this anthology of more than 40 Australian and international authors.

Anthology Contributors

Murray Alfredson
Susan Bradley-Smith
Chrissy Brincat
Steve Brock
Ashley Capes
Michael Cohen
Lauren Daniels
Russell Darnley OAM
Jan Dean
David Gilbey
E. A. Gleeson
Shé Hawke
Andrew Hubbard
Rosemary Huisman
Tim Jones
Leah Kaminsky
Daniel King
Kathy Kituai
Jules Leigh Koch
Rebecca Law
Andrew Leggett
Barry Levy
David Musgrave
Jenni Nixon
BN Oakman
Geoff Page
Sylvia Petter
Sugu Pillay
Mark Pirie
Lyn Reeves
Janet Reid
David P Reiter
Jeremy Roberts
Guy Salvidge
Michael Sariban
Laura Jan Shore
Kathy Sutcliffe
Heather Taylor-Johnson
Julie Thorndyke
Rod Usher
Valerie Volk
Keith Westwater
Gemma White
Karen Zelas