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Lee Smith’s experience in preparing personal development programs led to a focus on helping people find their next job. He is the co-author of Kick Start Your Career (Routledge, UK. 2018) which helps university graduates find their first career job. Lee’s commitment to helping people find a job is particularly important at a time when people are changing jobs more frequently, together with the global impacts on jobs. Lee has brought together in The Job Tree professional advice, support and encouragement as well as winning techniques for job hunting. His passion in the area of personal development led to coordinating, writing and running courses to build the personal skills of others. This book encompasses practical wisdom and guidance, Lee has accumulated over 40 years. Lee’s professional life included developing both technology and people. He holds multiple qualifications in applied science and technology. He has a Bachelor of Surveying (Hons.) from the University of New South Wales, Australia; a Post-graduate Diploma from the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (I.T.C.), The Netherlands; and a Masters of Applied Science (Research) degree from the South Australian Institute of Technology. Lecturing at a tertiary institution provided further understanding of the challenges of transitioning from university to employment and between jobs. His professional career included guiding staff as they transitioned in their careers and jobs. Lee’s commitment to help job seekers successfully find their next job is the motivation behind the book.


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About The Job Tree

It was the recognition of the challenges associated with finding a job for those who are unemployed or changing jobs that motivated this book. This was further brought into focus by the Covid-19 pandemic, which like periodic recessions, caused massive job losses worldwide. There is a need to help people move to a new job. This applies during recessions and at normal times where changing jobs is becoming the norm.

It was based on looking at the bigger picture of finding that next job: the techniques and winning strategies as well as personal well-being and encouragement to overcome the challenges.

Winning a new job can be a challenge. Jobs are changing worldwide. Technology change, globalization and economic disruptions like recessions all have an impact. Workforces are increasingly mobile with frequent job changes of around one in six in many societies.


Many of these job changes are by choice and relate to job or career advancement, work-life balance or re-location changes. For others job loss is imposed and results from factors like organizational change, globalization or economic downturns. They all have a common element for the job seeker: How to find the next job?

This book will help you develop the skills and documents for job hunting, provide expert advice, resources and support. It explores on-line assessments that identify your abilities, characteristics and interests and link these to alternate jobs and careers.

The key challenge is how to win your next job. The book contains expert guidance and tips on how to handle the complex field of job hunting. The Job Tree will help you navigate the job market. This book together with your efforts directed at job search preparation and hunting are a valuable investment in winning your next job.

The book provides a practical, step-by-step approach. The Personal Plan approach used throughout the book, allows the reader to convert advice and guidance to their personal job goals. Progressively the reader will develop the job application resources needed to win their next job. The Appendices Resources provide valuable added resources to assist your job search preparation.

It advises the reader on how to identify skills, abilities and achievements that are valuable for job applications. It will help you create resumes and cover letters that stand out. Importantly it outlines how to use social media liked LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for successful job searching. It teaches winning techniques to succeed at interviews.

eResources is a powerful extension of the book. The two websites provide access to digital resources, examples and templates.

Available in print at the end of this book, these can also be downloaded from the Cloud to help you prepare resumes and other job search documents.

Once you have accessed the Appendices, you can download the entire document, print out pages that you need and even fill out the spaces where you are invited to respond. To get the most out of the appendices, please download the free Acrobat Reader first. Viewing the file in Acrobat on your computer or tablet, you can use tools that allow you to edit and save the text with the Text and Fill Form tools.

The Job Tree provides an international perspective on job applications in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, South America to Australia and New Zealand.

Job loss and unemployment can involve grief and loss. It may impact both the livelihood and the emotional, mental and overall well-being of the job seeker. These need to be addressed along with preparing for your next job.

Achievements, resume, cover letter and interview responses are progressively created. The Job Tree’s expert advice will help you develop the job application resources you will need. The book will help you navigate the job marketplace. You will succeed in getting your next job!

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