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The Moonlight Bird

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The Moonlight Bird and the Grolken

Once upon a full moon night a shining bird flies over a mountain.
The Grolken wants the bird to sing, dance and light up his den.
The townsfolk want to display her in a palace of glass.
But the bird just wants to fly free.

The Moonlight Bird and the Grolken is an enchanting picture book about possession, loss and freedom.


ISBN 9781925231137 (HB, 34 pp) release date 1 April 2016

AU $26 US
CA $17 NZ
GB £11 €13

ISBN 9781925231144 (PB)

AU $17 US
CA $17 NZ
GB £11 €13

ISBN 9781922120229 (eBook); release date 10 March 2016

AU $8 US
GB £6 €7


For the Grolken in all of us, Anne Morgan’s magical, touching story reminds us what happens when we try to possess the things we love, whether it’s for our own unmindful pleasure, or even ‘to keep them safe’. And that the mightiest act of love, as the Grolken learns from his own loss of liberty, is to let them go and set them free. A delightful read for big people and little, especially under a full moon.
– Merridy Eastman

The Moonlight Bird and the Grolken is a charming new fairy tale. The Grolken spies upon the Moonlight Bird and finally carries her off to his den. But as in all good fairy tales, love overcomes the darkness, so that there is a gentle and touching end to the story. The creative and lyrical use of both language and illustration make this picture book a delight to read aloud or to oneself.
– Carol Ann Martin

‘Freedom can never be truly appreciated until you lose it.’ In this simple story of freedom and loss, we begin to understand that loss in a safe and hopeful way. Anne Morgan and Lois Bury have captured the essence of that journey in this beautifully poignant story.
– Christina Booth



Anne Morgan

Anne Morgan won the Environment Children’s Book of the Year Award (Junior Fiction) 2014 for The Smallest Carbon Footprint in the Land & Other Ecotales (IP Kidz). Her books include The Sky Dreamer (IP Kidz) and the Captain Clawbeak series of junior novels (Random House Australia). She has a Master of Education degree and a PhD in Writing, for which she won a university medal. She has taught in Tasmania, the Northern Territory and China, and has worked as a professional actor, researcher and journalist. These days she has an adventure a day (real or imagined) living at Adventure Bay on Bruny Island.


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Lois Bury

This is the second book to be illustrated by Lois.  She is self-taught and is now a full time artist/illustrator and lives in Hobart, Tasmania, with her husband and Westie terrier.  Lois spends time on Bruny Island and is inspired by the landscape and birdlife of the island.  She has a grandson and has always enjoyed the creativity of children’s literature and illustration.  She also loves drawing children and admires the sense of whimsy that many illustrators convey.  To be part of the world of children’s books is a recent dream come true.