Paul Sterling

Paul Sterling has worked in international trade in the private and public sectors in Australia and overseas. He now lives in Ballarat, writing short stories and novels. Paul has won more than two dozen prizes in regional short story competitions, and has had more than twenty stories and articles published in Australia. His first novel in English, the story of a French couple adapting to life in Australia, appeared on Australian bookshelves in 2006, distributed by Pan Macmillan.


eNews 33: Commentary by Lauren Daniels


Ours is a little village and we don’t have traffic lights and pedestrian crossings except in front of the school. No pop star has had her wedding here and the Prime Minister has never come to our primary school to kiss children and ask if we watch Play School. You should not assume, because of all that, that there are no important people in our village.

The most illustrious person to have lived here has to be Perry Cracker. Yes, I knew you would be surprised when you read the name, because Perry was much loved and respected and most people thought he lived in Toorak, Noosa Heads or Double Bay. But although he had a couple of yachts, a private jet, a ride-on lawnmower, a plasma TV, a footie club, two mistresses and a dozen horses, his heart was in his home and his home was in the little village of Buggerum.

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