Sona Babajanyan

Sona Babajanyan is a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator from Armenia currently based in Brisbane. She has worked as a translator, editor and graphic designer and has illustrated several books in Russia and Armenia. When she moved to Australia in 2008, she finally decided to devote her full attention to art and illustration.

She works in both traditional and digital media and her artworks have been exhibited in Armenia, Europe and the USA (solo exhibition in Washington DC). Some of her works are in private collections in Europe and the USA.


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It had taken Joshua almost twenty minutes to walk there from the train. The rain had confused him and he had taken a wrong turn on the way.

Joshua’s heart was racing, but he knew it was the right house because the piece of paper told him so. It wasn’t as big as the house he and his mother lived in, but it was made of brick, just as he expected. His grandfather had been a bricklayer; he knew that much. So how could the house have been made of wood?

There were two brick flower beds with yellow petals spilling out on each side of the stairs, up to the porch. Joshua wasn’t expecting flowers from what little his mother had told him about her father. But maybe they were the work of Riva, his new wife.

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