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Earthrunner and the War of Water

He’s a fourteen-year-old boy, taken to fight in war. She’s his twin sister, desperate to save him.

Patish and Leeta enjoy an idyllic life in their ancient Indian village — until a battle over diminishing water supply threatens their world. While Patish trains as the warrior he’d never planned to be, duty falls on Leeta to make a perilous journey for the wisdom of the mysterious Purple Sage.

When the final command is given and the armies are primed for bloodshed, the paths of Patish and Leeta meet again in a most astonishing spectacle…


ISBN 9781922830135 (PB, 170pp);
152mm x 229mm
AUD $25 USD $18 CAD $22 NZD $28 GBP £14 EUR €15
ISBN 9781922830142 (eBook) AUD $13 USD $9 CAD $11 NZD $15 GBP £7 EUR €8



Father and daughter voices blend perfectly in this exciting story of 14-year-old brother and sister twins in ancient India. This tale is set in 330BC but has conservation implications for contemporary Australia and so is both instructive and entertaining for young readers.

– Irina Dunn, Director of the Australian Writers’ Network