IP is a key source of titles published by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Australia.

IP distributes This We Can Say and Advices and Queries, two key Quaker publications. We also assist in the publication and distribution of the James Backhouse Series, an annual lecture Series that focuses on the work of important Quaker thinkers across a variety of disciples.

All of these titles are available in print and eBook formats through the IP Store and from our global partners.

The Quakers

The Quakers are famous, despite having no formal “leaders” and minimal theology, for their involvement in working for good in local communities and the world, through pacifism, environmental conservation, and social justice issues.

The Australia Yearly Meeting is part of the grand tradition of the Quaker movement.

Around a thousand Australian Quakers contributed to this work over the course of nearly ten years.

Our purpose is to introduce the reader to our faith: what inspires us; our images of God; our ways of conducting our work and worship in community, in unity.

Quaker practices revolve around the importance of meeting quietly together in worship, waiting for the guidance of the Spirit within each one of us. Sometimes we feel prompted to share how we experience the Spirit working in and through us. This leads Quakers everywhere to strive to live by the principles of equality, truthfulness, integrity, simplicity and peace.

In Australia we are inspired and challenged in special ways by this ancient land and our varied heritages. We sense there is still much to learn, much that will change us.

These writings come together as rays of light from a great variety of individuals. We hope they inspire you to seek the stillness within you, from which loving words and actions grow.

Quaker Publications

This We Can Say

Prepared over a period of nearly 10 years, this is the distillation of the thoughts of around a thousand Qu... Read More

Advices and Queries

Advices and Queries is the Quaker ‘handbook’ of beliefs and practices.

New: Advic... Read More

From Fear to Hope: Alternative Australian Narratives on War and Peacemaking

This book scrutinises ‘peace’ and ‘war’ through Australian lenses. It uncovers a deeper understandi... Read More


Click to view the lectures from most recent to the first in 2008.

Creating hope: Working for justice in catastrophic times

In the 2022 Backhouse Lecture, Yarrow Goodley looks at the critical issue of climate justice—at how our r... Read More

Seeking union with spirit: Experiences of spiritual journeys

For over twenty years, Fiona has participated in facilitating the Meeting for Learning (a year-long program... Read More

Animating freedom: Accompanying Indigenous struggles for self-determination

In the 2019 Backhouse Lecture, Jason MacLeodshares what he has learnt about accompanying West Papuans – a... Read More

An Encounter Between Quaker Mysticism and Taoism in Everyday Life

In this lecture, Cho-Nyon Kim explores his spiritual journey in the Korean religious environment, in which ... Read More

Everyday Prophets

Margery Post Abbott explores the interplay between faith and action, drawing on her wide range of experienc... Read More

This We Can Do: Quaker faith in action through the Alternatives to Violence Project

Quakers have had a big influence on the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) from its beginning in 1975. ... Read More

'Our life is love, and peace, and tenderness' Bringing children into the centre of Quaker life and worship

The Quakers’ Advices and Queries says to rejoice in the presence of children and recognise the... Read More

A Quaker astronomer reflects

World renowned astronomer and Quaker Jocelyn Bell Burnell reflects on the big issues confronting scientists... Read More

From the Inside Out

A systematic and inspiring examination of Quakers’ involvement in achieving non-violent international out... Read More

A Demanding and Uncertain Adventure

This lecture illuminates the original state of Earth, how humans have affected its environment, and provide... Read More

Finding Our Voice

Discusses the various ways Young Friends (Quakers aged 16 to 30-ish) create and participate in community, b... Read More

The Quaking Meeting

Explores Christian meditation and silence from theological, mystical, and practical viewpoints. Examines co... Read More

Faith, Hope & Doubt

Presents the key arguments and viewpoints regarding issues of conflict between science and spirituality. Su... Read More