Rod Usher’s Convent Mermaid wins praise from American author Barbara Taylor

American author Barbara Taylor has high praise for one of our new releases, Convent Mermaid by Rod Usher:

Rod Usher reminds us why we care about poetry–why it remains relevant and vital–in his third poetry collection, Convent Mermaid. A multi-talented writer with an impressive background in international journalism and several published novels to his credit, Usher’s poetic work is imbued with candor, wit, depth, and tenderness. He engaged this reader with his considerable powers of observation, surprised with rhyme schemes, and inspired with his appreciation of the stuff of life we so often take for granted. Through the beauty of language and the lens of experience, the poet communicates the wonder of it all from the perspective of a citizen of the world who remains accessible. Poem after poem, I found myself thinking, ‘Yes–that’s how it is.’ Beyond reaching the heart, mind, and funny bone, Convent Mermaid illustrates the potential of poetry to not only enrich but to transform.


Rod currently is living in Spain, where he plans to promote the book with the assistance of the Australian Studies Centre at the University of Barcelona.

He won’t be back to Australia for a while, but you can sample the book from its mini-site.

Convent Mermaid is available in physical print and various eBook formats and can be ordered directly from IP Sales or its various distribution partner sites, as well as from bookshops worldwide.

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