Wonderful review of ‘The Sky Dreamer’ by Anne Morgan and Céline Eimann

We’re delighted to see that The Sky Dreamer continues to be popular with education professionals.  With its themes of learning to cope with difficult life circumstances, it’s a great story for any library, classroom, or child therapist’s office.

This latest review comes from OZTL, the Australian Teacher Librarian Network.
The Sky Dreamer is also available in French, French-English bilingual, and German translated editions.

“This is a most sensitive, alluring book about a child dealing with death.  Written following the death of the author’s daughter, it acknowledges that grief is a long journey which may be shared but which is travelled alone.  It can be stormy and seemingly endless but there is eventually acceptance and comfort and a way forward.

The beautiful, delicate pictures mirror the mood of the story perfectly – monochrome in Liam’s dark days, and the introduction of colour when Cassie appears in the Sky Dreamer hints at a glimmer of hope and happiness.  The chaos and colour of the storms reflect Liam’s thinking and feelings, but as they merge into gentler colours and less frenetic images the reader gets a sense of growing peace and calm.

Too often our students travel their own version of Luke’s journey – this is a book that might help them navigate it more easily, showing them that whatever feelings they have are OK and that they are not alone.  That, in itself, might offer comfort.”
– Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian, 500 Hats and The Bottom Shelf Educational Blog

The Sky DreamerThe Sky Dreamer, beautifully illustrated by Céline Eimann

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