Anna Heggie (Annushka)

Anna Heggie is director of Yoga Arts Fusion and Annushka Creative Spirit Workshops and Retreats. She has had many exhibitions in painting and photography and previously taught Visual Arts in High Schools. Incorporating creativity, intuition and visualisation with yoga and deep relaxation healing sessions seemed a natural progression for Anna. She was the Yoga Director for The Laughing Buddha Yoga Retreats at Dolphin Beach, East Coast, Australia. Presently, Anna leads her own workshops and retreats and writes a lifestyle column for an online regional network. Creativity and inspiration flow through Yoga and the inner connection with Oneness.


Chapter 1: Why am I Unhappy?

“Yoga is a resource, The Guru rests within you.” Annushka

There are many reasons for unhappiness and learning more about ourselves gives us the chance to discover these and make changes where needed. We can even re-construct our lives to attract more of the right circumstances for happiness. Inner enquiry and patience are the keys to unravelling many of our fears, concerns and unwanted mindsets.

It is only in quiet contemplation that we begin to notice our emotions and feelings as they arise. Meditation can be a gift. It takes patience to sit in meditation every day. We can also find snippets of time throughout a day. Just a few minutes to allow us the silent space of inner connection can provide significant change.
Often our emotions and feelings are negative or pushed aside instead of being acknowledged. We do this to block out painful memories or to avoid the reality of a particular situation. We all make mistakes yet often the fear of what others may think of us creates major upheaval within.

The ancient Yogis believed that we have more than one body consisting of 3 bodies and 5 sheaths. In short, there is The Physical body, The Astral body and the Causal body and our spiritual bodies are believed to permeate all three. Yet why are we today so concerned with our physical bodies? We forget to connect with our intuitive inner truth and instead superficial attitudes take precedence.

Negative emotions or feelings such as loneliness, fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, frustration, feelings of hopelessness or even boredom are a reflection of our desires and expectations. When we find they are not being met, we feel unhappy. Yet unwittingly we are conditioned to think we have to perform to standards, ours or someone else’s. We compare ourselves with others and think that we need something, that something is missing in our lives to make us feel happy or successful or even to feel worthy.

What we desire in our lives tells us a lot about how we are choosing to live.
There is a mantra that goes something like this… if only I had what they’ve got, more money, more status, the right partner, a house, a better holiday, boat, better clothes, better hair, looks, better career, more education, another degree, sex, a bigger house, a newer car, bigger TV, latest mobile or whatever…. then….then…..then I would be happy.

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