IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd) has been in business since 1994 and now publishes 20+ titles per year globally.

We are the second largest publisher of literary titles in Queensland. We offer royalty contracts to high quality work, but also use our expertise to assist corporate clients and individuals who want to publish material in print and/or digital form.

Under its Publisher / CEO, Dr David Reiter, internationally known for his award-winning poetry, prose and digital media, IP is at the forefront of digital technologies in Australia. IP champions innovation in its professional relationships with authors and its dedication to new forms of creative work.

We publish under four award-winning imprints: Interactive PressGlass House BooksIP Kidz and the Digital Publishing Centre. The synergy between these imprints allows for digital versions to be created from print masters and vice-versa.

Confident that the printed book still has a bright future, we continue to publish quality physical books by the most efficient methods possible, without sacrificing the aesthetics of design and our regard for high editorial standards. But we are also excited by the new channels for publication, and the opportunities they offer for extending the audiences for literary work. Digital publishing makes it possible to trial work that “mainstream” publishers reject as non-commercial. But more importantly, it offers artists new media and new forms of expression.

Our partnerships with global companies like Apple, Amazon, Goggle, Overdrive, Proquest and Wheelers gives us greater access to global markets for our titles. The new technologies make it easier for our editors and authors to work closely on refining projects — even from a distance. Much of what we do happens in a digital environment, saving trees by reducing our dependency on “hard copy”.

We invite you to learn more about us by exploring our web site and of course to show your support for independent publishing and our exciting authors in the best possible way — by ordering some of our titles!