Glass House Books (GHB) is our general trade imprint where we publish fiction or non-fictional titles for adults or young adults such as fantasy or science fiction. It can also include corporate books, academic works, local histories, self-help books or memoirs. GHB titles are aimed at a wider, more commercial, market.

A select few authors are offered royalty contracts under GHB. Other authors may be offered “assisted publication”. We offer a full range of assessment, editorial, design and production services aimed at producing the best possible title for a reasonable cost — no matter what the print run.

In contrast to “vanity” publishers who offer ‘cheap and nasty deals’, we provide you with streamlined editorial, distribution, promotion and sales support to give your book a running start. Through the IP network and our comprehensive website, your work can be showcased across Australia and the world. GHB titles are reviewed by some of the most important magazines in Australia, including The Australian Book Review, and we have had very good success selling to libraries and bookshops, as well as individuals.

Today, more authors are thinking about publishing digitally. These works can be original, or digital versions of existing print titles. In a country like Australia, distant from larger markets, it makes sense to package work in a way that makes it more accessible to buyers overseas. Because we have contacts overseas, we can give you informed advice about the best way to present your work to its intended market. And via our state-of-the-art Digital Publishing Centre, GHB can also offer you inexpensive access to digital publication, which gives your work global exposure.

The key point is that you have considerable freedom and flexibility in bringing your work to fruition, be it in print or digital form. And you can depend on GHB to provide you with a professional product that meets or exceeds the quality you expect from “mainstream” publishers.

We do not consider complete manuscripts in the first instance. Please check out our Guidelines for reading fees and complete details on what we expect in a submission.

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