IP is a market leader in digital publishing.

We were the first in Australia to publish to Amazon Kindle, and one of the first on the iBookstore. In addition to Amazon and Apple, our digital titles are now distributed through global companies like Google, Overdrive, Proquest, CD Baby, Wheelers and ReadHowYouWant.

Our digital list began with the Text + Audio Series in which poets collaborated with musicians and visual artists to extend the scope of their texts.

As early as 2002, we were publishing ground-breaking works like The Gallery, an interactive, non-linear work that immerses the viewer in the real and imagined letters of Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh.

Text is often the springboard for multimedia works. Hemingway in Spain began as an award-winning text but then was developed into a full length film. The Nullarbor Song Cycle began as a poetic song cycle but then was developed into a short film, which was shortlisted for the 2011 Western Australia Premier’s Award. The My Planets Reunion Memoir, which won the 2012 Western Australia Premier’s Award, also began as a book; whereas Timelord Dreaming, Dr David Reiter’s latest digital narrative, was conceived as a digital work simultaneously with its textual composition.

While IP is not a production house, we can assist creatives who want to collaborate and offer us work for refinement or post-production. Audio books are a good example of a creative channel that can extend the reach of poetry and prose. We’re open to queries or submissions in these areas – and in forms that haven’t been invented yet.

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