Publish Globally in Print, Print on Demand (POD) and eBook formats with the DPC!

Finally, there’s a global publisher that can do it all, physical print and eBooks, meeting your audience where they live, read and view your work.

Printed books, using the latest technology. Online books for download from our site, your site or from our key partners globally (think Apple, Amazon, Google, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Gardners, Wheelers, etc). Audio books for download in whole or by track via CD Baby, Amazon, Apple Books or a myriad of dedicated audio sites.

The number of options for getting your title out there can be dizzying. You need a publisher who knows the business.

Digital publishing and distribution is a reality. The age of the single channel book is over, too. Books need to assume many forms – and extended ones – as eBooks, audio, or even as multimedia. Increasingly, these options are feasible for individual authors – with expert advice.

Enter the Digital Publishing Centre (DPC). This is not about the Death of the Book, any more than DVDs were about the Death of the Movie Theatre. This is about giving content creators, readers and viewers CHOICE and ACCESS. Creatives need no longer see themselves at the end of a dirt road, distant from the marketplace. With digital publication, your work can be available in cyberspace even before it appears in physical print.

At IP, this is nothing new. We’ve been providing these services to our authors for years. IP has more than 300 titles available via our print on demand (POD) partners Lightning Source and CreatSpace as well as on the Kindle Store. With the DPC we can now offer these services to authors and organisations who want to invest in their work to realise higher royalty revenue.

What Publishing Solutions Does the DPC Offer?

Put simply, the DPC starts with a digital master that can easily be adapted to whatever format is required for other forms of publication.

Print books typically are output as press-ready pdf (Acrobat) files. A similar master can be sent to POD companies to allow for copies to be printed on demand anywhere in the world, including on the Ingram Espresso machine that can produce a high quality printed book is less than five minutes.

We then create versions that will work on the key readers, tablets and smart phones and distribute them to partners such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google, Proquest, Overdrive, and ReadHowYouWant, a company that specialises in producing large print versions for visually impaired and blind readers.

With the DPC, you no longer have to search for service providers for each step in the process and then coordinate their efforts to avoid duplication and added expenses. We can do it all for you.

The sky’s the limit. Businesses and government agencies can benefit by making their publications available online or via download 24/7. Schools and higher education institutions can make texts, handbooks and guides accessible on site or at home.

Once published, a work never need go out of print. Digitally published and archived, its contents can be resized, and made searchable, divisible. And portable. Your library can be at the beach. Your workplace at a café. Saving trees. Reducing your carbon footprint. Helping make the publishing industry truly green.

There’s never been a better time to decide to go digital. When you do, think DPC.

Interested? Read on to see what we can do for you.

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Our Premium Print and eBook Publication Solutions Publish to the Planet.

From AU$499 / US$349m Your title on the iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Samsung tabs & phones… From AU$499 or US$349, depending on the length and complexity of your project. For an exact quote, email us your project proposal.

This is how it works. You furnish us with completed text and cover art work, ensuring that your work has already been carefully edited and proofread. Don’t short-circuit things by rushing to publish before your work is ready – with most readers you won’t get a second chance to impress. If your work hasn’t been edited and proofread, we can do it for you at a modest additional cost. (Send us the work and we’ll give you a quote for those services.)

Once we have what we need, we convert your file to at least three formats to suit the global market:

  • ePub, for Apple devices and most generic Readers
  • optimised PDF, for computer and PDF compatible reading devices
  • mobi, for Kindle (Amazon) devices
  • Fixed layout, where your work needs to be viewed in side by side pages (spreads).

We can then distribute your files to our global partners that include Apple, Amazon, Google, Overdrive, Barnes & Noble, eBook Corporation, eBrary and Read How You Want. If you haven’t heard of some of them, google the names to find out more.

They in turn share your content with other online stores and sell it to libraries, schools and individuals. They pay us, and we pay you semi-annually, up to 50% of net revenue. Net revenue is what we are paid by the distributor, less any discounts they offer to their buyers and fees they charge us for making your title available for sale and maintaining it on their server. In other words, for every dollar we get paid, you make 50 cents.

The small print Add-ons may include:

  • registering your title with the National Library – free!
  • producing a barcode and QR Code (those square blocks of dots that can be scanned to display text or link to a web site). Also free!
  • setting up your cover. We can organise a professional to design your cover, or work from our stock photo library to produce one. Free, if you provide acceptable art work. At cost + 15% if we have to organise the art work for you.
  • a marketing campaign. Your title is automatically listed in our online catalogues and circulars to key distributors. We also give you a free extensive Author’s Guide with advice on how to market and promote your work via traditional or social media. But you may want to do more to ensure your title gets out there. We can provide you with advice in-house, or organise a premium service with professional marketers at cost + 15%.

DPC Bronze (POD only)
Your aim here is to publish via POD (print-on-demand). To ensure the highest quality production, IP partners with only the best POD companies such as Lightning Source and CreateSpace. Once your title is listed with our POD companies, you can order as many copies as you like at very modest prices.
Working from your final text and cover art, we design an appropriate cover, arrange an ISBN and barcode. We then send you the master in digital form (pdf) for your approval before sending it to our POD partners.

Once your title is approved for printing, you tell us how many copies you require for your immediate needs and we arrange to have them sent to you.
For no additional charge, we list your title on Amazon and other partner companies such as Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Wheelers.
You can order stock from us as you need it. The cost per book depends on length and the physical dimensions of the book and whether or not you use colour. Straight black and white paperback books cost about AU$5. per book, delivered, (GST-inclusive) for a 100 page book. Discounts may apply if you order larger quantities, e.g. 50 or more at a time.
We pay you 50% of net revenue from POD sales.
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DPC Silver (eBook only)
Under this plan, you go Digital First. We prepare a master of your title and make it available as an eBook on more than a dozen global online eBook sites, including:

  • Amazon, for the various Kindle® Readers
  • Barnes & Noble, a major USA distributor of physical and digital content
  • Google eBooks
  • iBookstore (Apple) for the iPad / iPhone in ePub and/or Fixed Layout ePub format
  • Overdrive, a global eBook distributor, covering about 85% of the library market
  • Wheelers, a distributor based in Australia and New Zealand with listings of more than 2.5 million titles

We pay you 50% of net revenue from eBook sales.
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DPC Gold (POD + eBook)
This provides you with all the services under the Bronze and Silver Plans but at a discount on our pre-press fees. You can sign up for the Gold Plan at any time before we upload your title to our Bronze or Silver Plan partners. Once your master is uploaded, if you decide to add the other Plan, you’ll have to pay the full enrolment fee.
We pay you 50% of net revenue on POD and eBook sales.

DPC Platinum (the Works!)
This adds marketing to a DPC Gold Plan. Our Promotions Team develops a marketing plan for your title and then actively promotes it in consultation with you.
A key component in the Platinum Plan is a dedicated mini-site for your title, hosted by the DPC on the site. This mini-site contains a description of your title, an author bio, key reviews and links to external sites. We update the mini-site regularly based on information you send us.
IP maintains an extensive list of bookshops, libraries and wholesale suppliers in Australia and New Zealand and an expanding list overseas. Under DPC Platinum, we prepare a Sales Kit for your title and circulate it to our contacts here and overseas.
We pay you 50% of net revenue on all sales.
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