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IP is a global independent publisher of physical books, e-books and digital media under its imprints Interactive Press, Glass House Books, IP Kidz, and the Digital Publishing Centre. IP is a member of the Australian Publishers’ Association (APA), the Independent Book Publishers’ Association (IBPA) and the Small Press Network (SPN).

We’ve been in business since 1997. IP is a ‘green’ and socially conscious enterprise and our workflow in preparing work for publication is almost exclusively paperless.

IP offers royalty contracts for the very best submissions we receive, and also Assisted Services for promising titles that need further development. We are NOT a “vanity” publisher, i.e. publishing all submissions for a price.

We specialise in quality titles for adults and children, bringing the best to our readers here and overseas. We also provide consulting services to corporate and government clients as well as to select individuals seeking professional publishing support. We distribute in partnership with a host of global companies such as Apple, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Overdrive, Gazelle, Google, Proquest, and Wheelers.

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Interested in digital publishing and eBooks? Check out the 4th edition of Your eBook Survival Kit and our Digital Publishing Centre.

Want to send us a manuscript? IP is open for submissions and manuscript development program from 1 March – 1 December. Reading fees apply for most unsolicited submissions. Check out our Guidelines first since we cannot respond to submissions that do not follow our submission procedures. Or send us a question here.

IP also offers a range of tailored author services to lift your manuscript from something promising to a title that will sell out there. New: Check out our online program for getting advice on your projects with one of our editors.

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IP Sales

IP Sales is our exclusive distributor to wholesalers, retailers and individuals world-wide. As a green enterprise we promote online as much as possible.

Bookshops, libraries and other retailers should check out our Terms and Conditions. We have accounts with most major library and school suppliers in Australia.

International orders can be placed with