Patience is the key to a happy life.
Patience can make the difference between worry and tranquillity.

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Patience is the key to a happy life.
Patience can make the difference between worry and tranquillity.
Patience is love, joy, good and surprising.
But is Patience more than just an emotion and a skill?
A fun and reassuring story about exploring Patience as a child’s best friend.

Robert Vescio

Robert Vescio loves reading and is an avowed collector of books, especially children's books. He enjoys writing stories and sharing his enthusiasm with children of all ages. Robert wrote No Matter With Whom We Are After his own breakup in 2008. He hopes his story will help children navigate life changes, in this case when their parents are divorced: "Divorce has an impact caters to everyone, including extended families and special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and holidays. It's important to put your children's needs first." Robert is a big fan of Disney and loves animation. He lives in Sydney with his two children, who are a constant source of inspiration for him.

Krista Brennan

Krista is an artist and art teacher who lives in Sydney, Australia with her partner and two adventurous cats. She enjoys working with every painting and drawing medium, but watercolours and oils are her particular favourites. Krista has always loved children’s illustrations, and it was one of her earliest ambitions to illustrate books herself. She has now illustrated numerous picture books and games, and has had artworks in major exhibitions and competitions. As someone growing up with ADHD, Krista has always had a noisy mind, brimming with pictures and stories. It makes her so happy that she can now put them in books and share them with others.


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