No Matter Who We’re With

A reassuring story about the lives of two children whose parents are separated. Even though their parents live apart, the children are certain of one thing: they are always loved. This story helps children come to terms with the separation of their parents, and shows the unconditional love and security children can feel with each parent, no matter where they live.

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A reassuring story about the lives of two children whose parents are separated. Even though their parents live apart, the children are certain of one thing: they are always loved. This story helps children come to terms with the separation of their parents, and shows the unconditional love and security children can feel with each parent, no matter where they live. No Matter Who We’re With celebrates the pleasures and spontaneity of childhood, and a love that can overcome family circumstances.

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Robert Vescio

Robert Vescio loves reading and is an avowed collector of books, especially children's books. He enjoys writing stories and sharing his enthusiasm with children of all ages. Robert wrote No Matter With Whom We Are After his own breakup in 2008. He hopes his story will help children navigate life changes, in this case when their parents are divorced: "Divorce has an impact caters to everyone, including extended families and special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and holidays. It's important to put your children's needs first." Robert is a big fan of Disney and loves animation. He lives in Sydney with his two children, who are a constant source of inspiration for him.

Cheri Scholten

Cheri Scholten has travelled to many places in the world and finally found a home in Melbourne, Australia. Starting her career as an illustrator in Japan, she gradually made her way down to the Southern hemisphere using her trusty paint brush. The journeys and the little things in life are the ingredients to her work, transporting the observer to a warm, fuzzy place. After making the big move to Melbourne, Cheri has become a regular contributor to the Child magazine series such as Sydney’s Child and Melbourne’s Child. You can also see her illustrations in The Period Home Renovator, Destinations Australia and Destinations Victoria. Other achievements include being published in Lurzer’s Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 09/10 and numerous nominations for the Desktop Create Awards.

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Customer Reviews

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  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “This is a heartwarming story that reinforces the fact that if parents divorce, both parents still love their children. Told from the children’s perspective, the story has an authentic feel.
    Cheri Scholten’s cover is bright and engaging showing happy children with their parents with each parent being on one side of a fence and the children between them. It literally and metaphorically sends a message of a happy family even though they are sometimes apart. The endpapers are bright little images set against a vivid yellow background. This leads into the bold images depicting a range of different activities and also different emotions.
    No Matter Who We’re With is a book that would be valuable to read and discuss with young children to help them understand that even though parents might separate, their love for their children remains the same.”
    – Margaret Warner, BuzzWords

    July 18, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “No Matter Who We’re With thoughtfully written by Robert Vescio and charmingly illustrated by Cheri Scholten, describes family life from the perspective of two children whose parents no longer live together.
    And, really, fun and lots of love are what childhood should be all about, whatever the family circumstances. No Matter Who We’re With is a warm and reassuring picture book for children and an absolute must read for parents who ‘live in different houses’.”
    – Tricia Simmons, Creative Kids Tales Book Review

    July 18, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “One for the Wellbeing shelf, or the Counsellor’s library. At time when more and more children are experiencing their parents separating and learning to cope with shared custody arrangements, this book offers comfort whilst acknowledging some of the difficulties of living between two houses.
    Written after the author’s own separation, the story reflects on the fun things the children do with each loving parent: the trips to the pool and beach, watching movies and dress-up, games, gardening and cooking. The warm colours used in the illustrations reflect the joy experienced by the children whilst the occasional more sombre expression reminds us of the missing parent.
    The message is reaffirmed that regardless of the situation, missing one parent whilst with the other is OK, and that you can still love both parents regardless of where they live.
    This book would be a useful tool to support children struggling with split homes and a definite addition to the School Counsellor’s library.”
    – Sue Keane, ReadPlus

    July 18, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “No Matter Who We’re With is a delightful picture book that captures the difficulty of having to spend time with mum and dad on different occasions due to separation. As a divorced father Robert Vescio has done a wonderful job of addressing the topic from the child’s point of view, using his own experiences to capture the moment. His own emotion and compassion shines through in his writing. This is a book that turns what can be a difficult topic to discuss with kids into fun and an opportunity of sharing.

    After reading No Matter Who We’re With I felt as though I wanted to shout Yes! at the top of my voice. Where was this book when I divorced and my children needed that little bit of reassurance? When I was reading it to my daughter, now 6 years old, I could see her face lighting up as she realised she was not alone, other children went through this too. It was a moment of enlightenment and that of building self worth and self esteem as she felt a bit of normality and relief.

    No Matter Who We’re With makes splitting your time between two parents something that is okay. It acknowledges that it is okay to miss one parent when you are with the other. You can love both parents even though they do not live together anymore. It is okay to feel sad each time you leave a parent to be with the other but you can still have fun. It is important to note the acceptance within this book of the situation by the mother and the father. There is a clear message to parents here. It is not about competing or showing dislike for each other but about acceptance of the situation and allowing the children to feel comfortable no matter whose house they are at. It is all about being an adult and sharing the love of your children regardless of your differences. Unfortunately for some children the relationship between the parents only makes it harder.

    I love the way this book shows the difference between both parents and, although it tends to stick to stereotypical jobs most of the time, both parents do step outside the general role on occasions, showing versatility. It also has the children acknowledge that they miss the role dad played in their life with mum as they mention ‘Dad used to be really good with a duster-wand’ when dusting with mum. I love the fun the kids have individually with mum and dad but also the reality that chores must be done and food must be cooked.

    Robert Vescio has touched on a topic that is too often forgotten and he has done it with ease. The illustrations by Cheri Sholten show the love and caring between the parents and their children. They enhance the fun loving nature of this book, helping share the pleasures and spontaneity of childhood and family, no matter how it has to be.

    Whether you and your children are just going through divorce and separation or you went there some time ago I urge you to grab a copy of No Matter Who We’re With by Robert Vescio. This book should be a mandatory read for all children who experience the sharing of two homes with their parents.”
    – Jennifer Douglas, Good Gabble Reviews

    July 18, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “We love to be with Mum and we love to be with Dad… it’s just a bit sad that we can’t all be together any more. No Matter Who We’re With is a heart warming story about families. Specifically, it is about the love between children and parents and the grace of ex-romantic partners who still manage the important partnership of parenting. This mum and dad don’t live together now, but the family love goes on, ‘no matter who we’re with.’”
    – Sally Odgers, children’s author

    July 18, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “Seen through the eyes of children, this story gives hope to families either separated or divorced who are able to balance the needs and desires of their children. Each parent ensures that the time spent with the children is filled with incredible love, fun and joy, thereby confirming their commitment and responsibility which then translates into security and confidence. Robert Vescio has certainly got the balance right with this lovely tale.”
    – Moira Horrocks, children’s book editor

    July 18, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “In a nod to how times change, the brightly illustrated children’s book No Matter Who We’re With is a wonderful supportive tool for any youngster at the heart of a divorce. The two young protagonists have oodles of fun with each of their parents – dressing up with Dad, gardening with Mum, building sandcastles with Dad at the beach, swimming with Mum at the pool. As the story progresses, you realise that the pair come from a broken family and move between two houses. It’s clear that both kids miss the absent parent, yet they are aware of just how much they’re loved. This book could be a very helpful gift indeed.”
    – Danielle Kirk, WellBeing Magazine

    July 18, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “One thing I find fabulous about children’s books is their ability to put into words difficult situations, in a way that opens up conversations with our children. No Matter Who We’re With is one of those stories; a gentle, positive and encouraging book about two parents who have separated, and the love they have for both of their children. Simple, engaging and very reassuring.”
    – Jasmine Berry, Mum’s Lounge

    July 18, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “This is a sensitive story about two children who are dealing with an issue that so many of our students do – their parents are separated and they spend time living at both houses. Even though they do different things with each parent, like growing their own vegetables in mum’s splendiferous garden or helping dad make Spaghetti Bolognese, there’s a joy that shines through and the most important message that regardless of who they’re with they know they are loved and that will never change.

    Cheri Scholten’s colourful illustrations are the perfect accompaniment as they manage to portray the fun and joy and love the children have, reaffirming and reassuring the young reader that even monumental events like your parents separating can be overcome.

    So many children struggle with their parents’ separation, and often blame themselves. They believe that if they had been better, then their parents would not have split. And then, on top of that guilt, comes the perceived difficulties of spending time with both parents which often leaves them confused and conflicted. The beauty of this book is that it demonstrates that they can have fun with both parents and celebrate the spontaneity and pleasures of childhood, making the most of what is rather than regretting what was or what should be. It’s a book that needs to be in the library’s collection so that our young readers can read about other children just like them, which in itself, can be a powerful healer.

    It might even be the catalyst for getting a troubled child to write their own story about the good things they do with each parent and realise that they are loved by both and that won’t change, no matter what.”
    – Barbara Braxton, OZTL (Australian Teacher Librarians’ Network)

    July 18, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “The title immediately suggests a topic slightly left of field, yet the cover depicts a family relaxed, joyful and at ease with each other. Or so we think…I do so love the juxtaposition of ideas a picture book can present like this even before you open it.
    Vescio has crafted a quaint, endearing story; fun and straightforward in its delivery; positively instilling comfort and an assurance that families can still thrive and survive despite not living in a coexisting environment. (Interestingly, this theme is just as relevant for families with spouses serving abroad or serving time for example, not just those with divorced parents.)
    The children narrate the tale themselves which gives the book an uncomplicated, personal and almost childlike touch. Reference to the time before the children’s parents separated is gently repeated throughout; a time they clearly still remember and cling to. But there is little to be maudlin about. The children take delight in every minute spent with either parent. Their reactions represent acceptance of a common family situation. Their behaviour offers reassurance that security, peace and love can be enjoyed no matter what your family circumstance.
    Cheri Scholten’s cheerful illustrations sustain the atmosphere of unreserved love. They are almost manga in appearance and use colour and perspective effectively to emphasise detail. I especially love the gigantic bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese Dad dishes up after the kids spend the afternoon making cupcakes at Mum’s.
    Parents and carers should find No Matter Who We’re With easy to read and share with children regardless of their actual circumstances.
    Recommended for 4 – 8 year olds.”
    – Dimity Powell, Boomerang Books review

    July 18, 2023

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