Chris Dowding

Chris Dowding studied civil engineering at QUT. He moved to Ireland in 2001 with his wife, Kerryn. Both Kerryn and Ireland had a sense of spontaneity and surprise that Chris had previously avoided in his life. This was so unusual for him that he began writing about his experiences. Chris and Kerryn now live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, with their cat, Mia.


I’m glad that’s over,’ I laughed as I stepped down onto the footpath. Then I spotted the hand case, still on the bus’ luggage shelf. ‘ARRghhh,’ I yelled.

The hand case was still on the luggage shelf, as the bus roared off. There was no way we’d see it again, or the possessions it carried, if we let the bus get away.

‘Wait here,’ I shouted to my wife Kerryn. I bolted down the street after the bus, leaving her with the rest of our luggage. I leapt between couples, dodged around old ladies with shopping bags and shoved my way through groups of people. My shoes were a blur as I ran the fastest 200 metres of my life. The bus pulled into the next stop, about 100 metres in front of me. I still had a chance!

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