Ian Corner

Twenty years assisting international business establish the infrastructure and frameworks required to develop exceptional leadership and organisation capability furnishes Ian Corner with the commercial wisdom he applies to profiling leadership discipline. His continued effort to deliver learning and organisation development solutions that profit business ensures that this, his first book, will not be the last.


How to Use the Mini-Me Development Guide

The Mini-Me Development Guide provides the means to self-assess against critical disciplines and behaviours that define out-performance. Designed to kick-start leadership development, it provides you with simple frameworks that assess ability, identify individual strengths, determine areas for improvement and develop leadership capability.

Leadership capabilities are interdependent. The execution of one discipline or behaviour often relies on another being consistently demonstrated in parallel or in a specific order. Outstanding leaders know where, when and how to apply them. The challenge is to comprehend fully the positive or negative impact of one critical discipline and behaviour on another and manage the opportunities or risks it creates.

The following steps create a deeper understanding of the critical disciplines and behaviours that epitomise outstanding leadership and detail how you can use them to review and develop your own performance.

Step One: Read the critical discipline definitions and the behaviours that describe them.

Step Two: Identify situations in which you are expected to demonstrate them.

Step Three: Select your leadership level as defined by the Mini-Me Development Guide – see pages 55 to 57.

Step Four: Complete the ‘The Leadership Capability Profiler’ – see page 58.

Step Five: Periodically assess your leadership capabilities to establish a cycle for continuous professional development (CPD).

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