Nigel Turvey

Born and raised in London and educated in Northern Ireland, Dr Nigel Turvey has been an environmental expeditionary, roaming Australia and Asia since graduating more than thirty-five years ago. As an environmental scientist and professional forester he has done research in tropical rainforests in Papua and subtropical rainforests in north-eastern New South Wales, taught forest soil science and good forest practices at The University of Melbourne, and developed forest plantation and biotechnology businesses in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Northern Territory, and Queensland. Nigel is currently involved in a Queensland-based business promoting employment of indigenous people in the expanding forest plantation industry. Nigel is a well-published scientist with numerous papers and book chapters to his name, but this book was stimulated by his passion to find out what happened to the once-noble reputation of the forestry profession. Nigel and his wife Monica currently live in the Northern Territory, and have two adult children.


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