Robert Moore

Robert Moore is a widely published writer of poetry, plays, articles, short stories and children's books. Breathe Easy, a children's play that he co-wrote to help educate about asthma awareness, was awarded a special commendation from The Asthma Foundation of South Australia in 1998. He was joint winner of the inaugural Feast Festival Short Story Competition in 2001 with Clearview. His first children's book Raspberry Rat (Macmillan) was published in 2003 and Map (Macmillan) followed in 2004.


Teachers' notes (free download)


My eyes jumped out of their sockets. My nose fell on the floor. My ears unscrewed themselves.

‘Come on,’ Lips said to Eyes.

‘Come on,’ Eyes said to Ears.

‘Come on,’ Ears said to Nose.

Eyes, Ears and Nose followed Lips into the kitchen.

Lips closed the door.

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